Garton and King

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a history

Customers who purchased Stoves

Fox, Mr (Smith)Lifton Park, Lifton Exonian
Lewis, Carrier (to?) North Tawton Medium
Albert, Prince, HRH *Hyde Park, London 3/7/1850 Cottage * Society of Labouring Classes
Acland, Sir P T P  ? Cottage
Bennett, H R B ? Cottage
Bidgood H F Esq ? Cooking Range
Bowcher ?? Merchant ? Range
Bowden, Joiner ? Cottage
Bradford, Builder ? Cottage
Bright, Quarryman ? Ordinary Enclosed
Bristol & Exeter Rly Co ? Medium
Buckingham, Rev ? Victorian
Burge, Druggist ? Universal
Churston, Lord ? Medium
Clatworthy, Draper ? Medium
Coleman ? Medium
Cornish, Robert Builder ? Ordinary Enclosed
Corporation of the Poor ? Universal
Crabb Mr, Builder ? Medium
Crop  ? Cottage
Daugar Dr ? Medium
Davey, Mr, Iron Merchant ? Ordinary Enclosed
Deaf & Dumb Institution ? Cottage
Dixon J  ? Liverpool Range
Drake, Veterinary Surgeon ? Ordinary Enclosed
Duckworth J Sir ? Oxford Range
Easton, Mr, Builder ? Cottage
Edwards ? Universal
Edwards ? Universal
Edwards, Cheese Dealer ? Cottage
Edwards, Mr, Hatter ? Cottage
Enson, Thomas ? Ordinary Enclosed
Feeoffes of St Kerrian ? Medium
Fisher, Builder ? Range
Floyd, Sir Henry ? Universal
Force, Charles Builder ? Universal
Fulford, Policeman ? Ordinary Enclosed
Gardener, Builder ? Universal
Gibbons Genl? ? Cottage
Hall Mrs ? Exonian
Hartnoll ? Ordinary Enclosed
Hibbert H R ? Rectory
Hipperley Esq ? Devon Farmhouse
Howell, R, Draper ? Universal
Hughes & Carter Ironmongers ? Medium
Hurley ? Ordinary Enclosed
Huxtable ? Range
Huxtable, Builder ? Cottage
Huxtable, Builder ? Ordinary Enclosed
Huxtable, Builder ? Universal
James & Rowe ? Medium
Kenshole, Builder ? Ordinary Enclosed
Knapman, Draper ? Medium
Landers E A Esq ? Exonian
Landon H Esq ? Exonian
Lawes, Timber Merchant ? Cottage
Linden MR, Currier ? Cottage
Lock Maj ? Exonian
Luscombe, Builder ? Cottage
Maddocks, Silas, Smith ? Cottage
Marley, Stone Mason ? Medium
McKenzie ? Medium
Moore, William, Builder ? Medium
Mortimer, Cork Cutter ? Cottage
Palmer ? Medium
Patterson & De Pomeroy ? Medium
Pearse, Ironmongers ? Cottage
Pengilly, Contractor ? Cottage
Pook ? Medium
Portsmouth, Earl of ? Universal
Prowse, Glazier ? Cottage
Roper Esq, Surgeon ? Medium
Sanders E A Esq ? Exonia
Stafford ? Range
Stafford W H Builder ? Cottage
Stogden Esq, Solicitor ? Cottage
Thomas, James ? Cottage
Tyrrell Esq ? Medium
Ward, Timber Merchant ? Medium
Webber, Baker ? Cottage
Knowling, Builder ? (2) Cottage
Thompson B & S H ? (2) 1869/70 Cottage
Stafford W H, Builder ? (4) Ordinary Enclosed
Portsmouth, Earl of ? (Estimate only) Oxford
Fogdon & Garrett ? Bishopscourt Ordinary Enclosed
Gardner  ? Grocers Medium
Tucker, Thomas ? Hotel, Dartmouth Medium
Rowe T ? James & Rosewill ? Cottage
Agget ? Mason Chagford Universal
Dart, Phillip ?, Forgeman Cottage
Anderson ??? Dawlish Universal
Knowley, Builder ?` Ordinary Enclosed
Yendall, Spirit Merchant ?` Ordinary Enclosed
Hughes & Carter `? Medium
Cooper `Druggist ? Cottage
Wills, Auctioneer 1 Satle Street, Exeter Universal
Bennett & Brown 10 High Town, Hereford (2) Universal 1866
Plumbridge 111 Fleet Street, London (2) Medium
Roberts H J 140 Old St, London Cottage
McDonald & Co 17 Finsbury Circus (Export) (6)_ Cottage 1870
McDonald & Co 17 Finsbury Circus (Export?) (3) Cottage 1869
McDonald & Co 17 Finsbury Circus (Export?) (4) Cottage 1868
Herbert 17 Salutary Place, Exeter Medium
Meadows E 180 Grays Inn Road, London Medium
Garton Mr 190 High Street (for the business) Medium
White & Holmes 1Riches Ct, Lime St, London (4) Medium
Rodier 2 Elm Grove Road, Exeter ? Medium
Pidsley 2 Orchard Terrace Medium
Lloyd Cattell & Co (export?) 2 Royal Exchange Bldgs, London (15) Medium 1863
Lloyd Cattell & Co (export?) 2 Royal Exchange Bldgs, London (19) Medium 1864
Lloyd Cattell & Co (export?) 2 Royal Exchange Bldgs, London (21) Medium 1862
Stuart Pulford & Co 24 Leadenhall St, London (Export? 12) Medium
Rudd, Henry 28 Gt Winchester St London (6) ** Medium 1865 ** for Cape of Good Hope
Pain 3 Cranes (?) Cottage
Findlay & Durham, Merchant 31 Gt St Helens, London (10) Cottage 1862
Findlay & Durham, Merchant 31 Gt St Helens, London (10) Cottage 1863
Findley & Durham, Merchant 31 Gt St Helens, London (10) Cottage 1861
Findlay & Durham, Merchant 31 Gt St Helens, London (11) Cottage 1864
Findlay & Durham, Merchant 31 Gt St Helens, London(8) Cottage
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (24) Medium 1870
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (31) Medium 1869
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (37) Medium 1866
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (42) Medium 1863
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (48) Medium 1865
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (50) Medium 1867
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (54) Medium 1864
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (56) Medium 1862
Hawley H & A 34 Gt St Helens, London (Export) (6) Medium 1868
Pennell Esq 4 Heavitree Park, Exeter Skeleton Stove
Wrentmore Esq 4 Southernhay, Exeter Universal
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B,ham (4) Medium 1867
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham Exonian
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (16) Medium 1862
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (2) Exonian 1867
Udall W  43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (2)` Cottage 1863
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (3) Cottage 1868
Udall W  43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (3) Cottage 1862
Udall W  43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (3) Cottage 1867
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (3)` Cottage 1870
Udall W  43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (4) Medium 1870
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (6) Medium 1868
Udall W 43 Bromsgrove St, B'92ham (8) Medium 1861
Hodgkinson 43 Threadneedle St, London (2) Medium
Powell (Walter) & Co 6 Broad St Bldgs, London (18) (? Export) Medium 1865
Powell & Co 6 Broad Street Buildings, London (18) Medium
Crabb, Mr, Builder 7 Peamore Terrace, Exeter Universal
Kingdon S 7 Salutary Mount, Exeter (2) Medium
Holmes 95 Redcliffe St (?) Bristol Medium
Hardon Esq Abbey Rd, Kent Medium
Parker, Sir C Abbeyville ?` Universal
Elliot Abbotskerswell Cottage
Hine, Rev Abbotskerswell Universal
Braine J C Abbotsleigh Exonian
Tremlett Albert Terrace, Exeter Universal
Wrentmore Esq Albert Terrace, Exeter (2) 1857 Universal
Bonus, Rev Alphington Exonian
Duncan Alphington Medium
Dunning, James Alphington Medium
Head R T  Alphington Cottage
Norman Esq Alphington Ordinary Enclosed
Norman Esq Alphington Ordinary Enclosed
Ocock Alphington Medium
Turnpike Trustees Alphington Cottage
Walker Alphington Exonian
Webster Alphington Medium
Dupuis, Rev Alphington Rectory Exonian
Hart Rev Alphington, Exeter Exonian
Head R T Esq Alphington, Exeter Exonian
Tucker Alphington, Exeter Cottage
Hewson G F Esq Alresford, Hants Medium
Smyth-Osbourne J S Esq Ash, Iddesleigh Exonia
Wrey Esq Ashburon Universal
Abraham Esq Ashburton Universal
Abraham Esq  Ashburton Medium
Abraham Miss?  Ashburton Universal
Agget Mr  Ashburton Medium
Back Ashburton Medium
Back, Draper Ashburton Ordinary Enclosed
Browning Ashburton Cottage
Daw, H Ashburton Cottage
Dirtin Ashburton Ordinary Enclosed
Distin Ashburton Medium
Doune Ashburton Ordinary Enclosed
Husson, Mr Ashburton Universal
Ireland T Ashburton Cottage
Jervis Ashburton Medium
Jewell Ashburton Medium
Jewell  Ashburton Cottage
Whiddon Ashburton Cottage
Worthy, Rev Ashburton Universal
Yolland G Ashburton Cottage
Woolcambe J Ashbury Exonian
Woollcomber Esq Ashbury House, Nr Okehampton (1861) Range
Woollcombe Esq Ashbury House, Nr Okehampton (1884) Rectory
Chittendon  Ashford Medium
Nickolls Esq Ashley, Tiverton Universal
Nickolls Esq Ashley, Tiverton Universal
Mason C G Esq Ashprington Court, Totnes Medium
Cole John Ashreigny Medium
Cole, Jnr Ashreigny Medium
Cole, John Ashreigny Medium
White Ashton Medium
Williams at McNeils, London Universal
Drake at Messrs Veitche Cottage
Parson at Rev Stevens (?) Medium
Bristol & Exeter Railway Athelney ? Station Cottage
Morrison & Co Austin Friars, London Medium
Bidwell J Australia (Export) 1857 Exonian
Bidwell J  Australia, (exp) Medium
Gardener Axminster Cottage
Mallock T Axminster Medium
Morgan J Axminster Medium
Ryall Mr Axminster Universal
Stedham Axminster Medium
Clouting, Schoolmaster Axmouth Cottage
Comyns G  Axmouth Medium
Halse, Louis Esq Axmouth Medium
Tuck Aylesbeare Universal
Gray Rev H Babbacombe Cottage
Grey, Rev Babbacombe Medium
Wrey, Messrs Babbacombe Universal
Melhuish Babbacombe, Torquay Cottage
Collins Esq Bampton Medium
Collins, Esq Bampton Universal
Edwards J H Esq` Bampton Medium
Perriam Bampton Medium
Rooks Baring (Crescent?) Exonian
Shute Esq Baring Crescent ? Universal
Colson, Mrs Baring Crescent, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Shute Esq Baring Crescent, Exeter Medium
Friend Barley ? Medium
Saville, Captain Barley House, Exeter ? Exonia
Walker S Esq Barn Park, Teignmouth Universal
Fisher Barnstaple Medium 1859
Gould R D  Barnstaple Medium
Moon, James Barnstaple Medium
Searle Barnstaple Cottage
Kiell S, Ironmonger Barnstaple (1) Medium 1862
Kiell S, Ironmonger Barnstaple (13) Medium 1861
Fisher Barnstaple (2) Universal
Kiell S, Ironmonger Barnstaple (2) Cottage
Fisher Barnstaple (21) 1860 Cottage
Fisher Barnstaple (31) Medium 1860
Kiell S, Ironmonger Barnstaple (7) Medium 1860
Newman, Sir Lidstone Bart (?) Universal
Newman, Sir Lidstone Bart (?) Universal
Northcote, Sir Stafford Bart (?) (2) Medium
Northcote, Sir Stafford Bart (?) (2) Medium
Stafford & Co Builders Bartholomew St, Exeter Universal
Stafford W H, Builder Bartholomew St, Exeter (3) Universal 1857
Infant School, Trustees of Bartholomew Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Stafford W H, Builder Bartholomew Street, Exeter Medium
Upcott Bartholomew Street, Exeter Medium
Wilcocks, Mr Bartholomey St, Exeter Medium
Turner, George Barton ? Exonian
Hayne J Rev Barton, Cullompton Devon Farmhouse
Moon Barton, Eggesford Medium
Dowdall, Capt Bath Cottage
Feraria Capt Bath Medium
Parham W Bath Universal
Stothert & Walker Bath Cottage
Stothert & Walker Bath Universal
Parsons, Miss Bayswater, London Medium
Medworth Bazaar, London Cottage
Ewin, Beacon Hotel, Exmouth Universal
Cox, Col Beaminster Ordinary Enclosed
Toleman, A & E Beaminster, Dorset Medium
Morris Genl Beane? House Exonian
Campion Bedford Circus, Exeter Carron Range
Exeter Water Company Bedford Circus, Exeter Medium
Exeter Water Company Bedford Circus, Exeter Medium
Exeter Water Company Bedford Circus, Exeter Universal
Mallett, Dentist Bedford Circus, Exeter Medium
Harding Belmont Place, Exeter (?) Cottage
Wills, J Esq Berry Barton, Totnes Exonian
Tozer C Berry Pomeroy Cottage
Lindon J Mr Bickleigh Ordinary Enclosed
Dyer, William Bicton Universal
Sanders Bicton, Exmouth Universal
Tardrew & Sons Bideford Medium
White F Biggleswade, Beds. Medium
Blakemore` Birmingham Medium
Phillips, Thomas Birmingham Universal
Thompson, Messrs Birmingham Ordinary Enclosed
Rabone Bros  Birmingham (12) Medium
Heaven Birmingham (2) Medium
Thompson B & J H Birmingham (2) Medium
Thompson Messrs Birmingham (2) Medium
McClelland Brothers Birmingham (4) Cottage
Rabone Bros Birmingham (4) Medium
Rabone Brothers Birmingham (6) Cottage
Garratt Bishops Court Exonian
Garrett Esq Bishops Court Ordinary Enclosed
Garratt, Capt Bishops Court Re Mr Burgoyne Universal
Garret Esq Bishops Court, Exeter Cottage
Crispin Bishops Nympton Medium
Downe, William Bishopsteignton Cottage
Govier Bishopsteignton Cottage
Govier Bishopsteignton Medium
Huddlestone Bishopsteignton Cottage
Scroggs, Rev Bishopsteignton Medium
Parker E P  Bittaford Mills, for Kingsbridge Cottage
Davie Sir J F Bittiscombe Manor (for), Somerset Exonian
Scott, Maltster Black Boy Road, Exeter Medium
Hunt Blackboy Road Medium
Cornish Esq Blackhall Medium
Cornish, J Blackhall Exonian
Jonas Blackhall, London Medium
Cornish Blackhall, London (?) Cottage
Bristol & Exeter Railway Co Block Houses (?) St Davids (2) Cottage
Seddon Esq Blue Hayes Honiton Clyst Medium
Clarke Blue Hayes, Clyst Honiton Ordinary Enclosed
Clarke Esq Blue Hayes, Clyst Honiton Medium
Clarke Esq Blue Hayes, Clyst Honiton Medium
Seddon S T ? Blue Hayes, Clyst Honiton (?) Cottage
Bodmin Asylum Bodmin Medium
Bodmin Lunatic Asylum Bodmin Exonian
Coom H Esq Bodmin Medium
Coom H Esq Bodmin Medium
Cornwall County Asylum Bodmin Medium
Cornwall County Asyluum Bodmin Medium
Hickens Bodmin Cottage
Hickins Bodmin Medium
Hinder, Edward Bodmin Cottage
Treleaven, Thomas Bodmin Medium
Hender Bodmin (2) Medium
Pethybridge Bodmin (Bank?) Medium
Balle Bookseller? Cottage
Mallock A Esq Bornhill, Brampford Speke Exonian
James Boscawen, Truro (2) Medium
Adam A  Bovey Tracey Cooking
Bentinck Esq Bovey Tracey Exonian
Devon House of Mercy Bovey Tracey Exonian
Divett Esq Bovey Tracey Exonian
Divett, Miss Bovey Tracey Exonian
Hole William Esq Bovey Tracey Exonian
Lock Richard Bovey Tracey Medium
Mann, Thomas Bovey Tracey Cottage
Puddicombe Bovey Tracey Range - Unknown
Puddicombe Bovey Tracey Universal
Bloomfield, Rev Bow Universal
Hatherley W H Bow Medium
Price, Esq Bow Medium
Rattenbury E Bow Medium
Webber Bow Medium
Webber Bow Ordinary Enclosed
Walrond Esq Bradfield Ho, Cullompton Cottage
Walrond Esq Bradfield Ho, Cullompton Exonian
Walrond Esq Bradfield Ho, Cullompton Ordinary Enclosed
Mallet W Bradfield(8) Ordinary Enclosed
Burridge, Rev Bradford Medium
Murch Bradford Cottage
Long James Bradford on Avon Medium
Drew Bradninch Medium
Long D M Bradninch Medium
Salter R Bradninch Medium
Tatham Bradninch Medium
Bale, ? E Bradninch (3) Cottage
Hawkins Bradninch Place Exeter Medium
Lethbridge Mrs Bradninch Place, Exeter Universal
Fursdon G Brampford Speke Universal
Goram, Rev Brampford Speke Universal
Hooper H Esq Brampford Speke Medium
Fursdon G Esq Brampford Speke ? Cottage
Tucker J Branscombe Universal
Purvis, Rev R F Breamore, Hants Universal
Clarke, Rev Bridestowe Exonian
Beer Bridford Cottage
Tuckwell Bridford Cottage
Surridge Bridford Mills Ordinary Enclosed
Boles Bridgetown ?, Hatherleigh Cottage
Acland Sir Thomas Bridgwater Cottage
Alexander Rev  Bridgwater Exonian
Collings, James Bridgwater Exonian
Colthurst Bridgwater Medium
Colthurst J C Bridgwater Cottage
Colthurst, H Bridgwater Exonian
Searle, Builder Bridgwater Medium
Sulley Bridgwater Medium
Thompson Brothers Bridgwater Medium
Thompson Brothers Bridgwater Medium
Wood J Bridgwater Medium
Bristol & Exeter Railway Bristol Exonian
Chilcott & Gardiner Bristol Medium
Edwards, Junior Bristol Medium
Garton & Co Bristol Medium
Garton Charles Bristol Medium
Garton, William Bristol Cottage
Gaslage (?) Mr Bristol Cottage
Parsons, Thomas Bristol Universal
Reynolds & Son Bristol Cottage
Williams, George Bristol Medium
Horfield Barracks Bristol (?) Universal
Chilcott & Gardiner Bristol (3+) Cottage
Coopey, George Bristol, Stapleton Rd Medium
Southwood Brittania ? Cottage
Southwood Brittania Inn Medium
Tucker, Joseph Brixham Universal
Powell & Co Broad Street, London Bridge (6) Cottage
Birmingham H B Broadclyst Universal
Cockram Broadclyst Medium
Cockram Mr  Broadclyst Medium
Gould G Esq Broadclyst Exonian
Gould J Broadclyst Cottage
Harris Broadclyst Cottage
Martin, Taylor Broadclyst Ordinary Enclosed
Martyn, Thomas Broadclyst Universal
Norris Broadclyst Exonian
Norris Broadclyst Exonian
Norris Esq Broadclyst Cottage
Norris Esq Broadclyst Cottage
Norris J Broadclyst Medium
Norris J Broadclyst Medium
With W, Tanner Broadclyst Ordinary Enclosed
Salter, Emma Broadclyst (2) Universal
Hibbert Mrs Broadgate, Barnstaple ? Exonian
Murch Mrs Confectioner Broadgate, Exeter (2) Cottage
Clarke Broadhembury Medium
Hole, Rev F Broadhempston, Totnes Universal
Pasley, Captain Brompton Universal
Hawkins Rev R Brookings Parsonage, Totnes Medium
White, Thompson, Colonel Broomford Manor, Jacobstowe Rectory
Bastin Buckfastleigh Cottage
Ezekiel Buckfastleigh Medium
Hamlyn Buckfastleigh Medium
Ireland Thomas Buckfastleigh Cottage
Littler, Genl Sir J? Buckfastleigh Exonian
Mitchell Buckfastleigh Medium
Mitchell Buckfastleigh Universal
Mitchell Buckfastleigh (2) Medium
Mitchell Buckfastleigh (3) Medium
Mitchell Buckfastlkeigh Cottage
Bastard E R P Buckland Ordinary Enclosed
Bastard R H P  Buckland Exonian
Webber Buckland Exonian
Drake, Lady Buckland Abbey Exonian
Aggasiz Capt  Budleigh Salterton Medium
Annis Mr  Budleigh Salterton Medium
Baul Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Carter Miss Budleigh Salterton Ordinary Enclosed
Cockram Budleigh Salterton Medium
Couch, Mr Budleigh Salterton Universal
Cowd Budleigh Salterton Universal
Cox Budleigh Salterton Medium
Cox Mr Budleigh Salterton Medium
Elliot Esq Budleigh Salterton Universal
Emery Mr Budleigh Salterton Medium
Emery, Junior Budleigh Salterton Universal
Gush Budleigh Salterton Medium
Gush Mr Budleigh Salterton Ordinary Enclosed
Horman B Budleigh Salterton Medium
Hugo, Mrs Budleigh Salterton Universal
Kelley Budleigh Salterton Universal
Kelly Budleigh Salterton Universal
KendalL Budleigh Salterton Medium
Mathews Esq Budleigh Salterton Medium
Morris Budleigh Salterton Medium
Parker Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Parker, G Budleigh Salterton Universal
Parker, George Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Powell Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Ravenscroft Budleigh Salterton Universal
Reade J E Budleigh Salterton Universal
Strickland Budleigh Salterton Universal
Walters Budleigh Salterton Ordinary Enclosed
Willcocks Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Willyams Budleigh Salterton Medium
Wood J, Esq Budleigh Salterton Medium
Bradford Builder? Cottage
Tanner, Rev J C Burlescombe Medium
Tanner, Rev T Burlescombe Univarsal
Buckingham Burrington Universal
Harris, James Burrington Cottage
Kingdon J E Bynes ?, Southernhay, Exeter Universal
De(i)vitt Esq Bystock, Exeter Medium
Maudslay Esq Bystock, Exeter Exonian
Taylor Cadbury Medium
Chichester N Esq Calverleigh Court, Tiverton Exonian
Nagle, J Chichester Calverleigh Court, Tiverton (2?) Exonian
Nagle, J Chichester Calverleigh Court, Tiverton (2?) Exonian
Jeans H Camberwell, London Cottage
Jackson J Esq Cambridge Exonian
McClelland Bros Cambridge St, Birmingham (7) Medium
Proole (?) William Cannon Street, London Medium
Exmouth, Lady Canonteign Exonian
Allen Wm Cardiff Exonian
Sully & Stone Cardiff Medium
Willyams H Esq Carnanton, St Columb Exonian
Cropman Castle Hill (Yeovil ?) Ordinary Enclosed
Godfrey Castle Hill, Yeovil? Cooking Range
Stone Castle Hotel, Dartmouth Exonia
Stone Castle Hotel, Dartmouth Exonia
Stone Castle Inn, Dartmouth Medium
Burgoyne Cat & Fiddle, Clyst St Mary Ordinary Enclosed
Burgoyne Cat & Fiddle, Clyst St Mary Universal
Commin  Cathedral Yard, Exeter Cottage
Baker Catherine St, Exeter Cottage
Baker Catherine Street Medium
Lloyd Cattell Ho, 2 Royal Exch: London (17) Cottage
Berry, R Esq Chagford Medium
Brailey Mr Chagford Cottage
Chudleigh, Mr Chagford Universal
Clampitt` Chagford Medium
Hornes Rev Chagford Exonian
Ingle Rev Chagford Cottage
Jeffery Chagford Ordinary Enclosed
Luscombe Chagford Cottage
Luscombe, Ironmonger Chagford Cottage
Morrish, William Chagford Medium
Northway J E Chagford Medium
Northway J E Chagford Medium
O'92Brien Chagford Medium
Norris Chandler, Crediton Cottage
Norris Chandler, Crediton Cottage
Trenchard W  Chard Medium
Tucker Chard Universal
Pratt, Mr Chard, Som Medium
Stuart Charmouth Range
Marshall Mrs Chawleigh Universal
Cox W J Esq Cheddington Court, Dorset? Exonian
Mo(i?)nes Rev R E Cheddington Rectory (Bucks?) Cottage
Cox J  Cheddington, Crewkerne Ordinary Enclosed
Mop, Thomas Chelmsford Cottage
Mop, Thomas Chelmsford Universal
Herman ? L, Mrs Chelsea, London Medium
Agar Lady  Cheltenham Universal
Brown Cheltenham Medium
Moysey Rev Cheltenham Exonian
Prideaux Cheltenham Universal
Pitt, Miss Cheriton (?) Bishop Cottage
Pennell, Dr Cheriton Bishop Universal
Tozer, James Cheriton Bishop Medium
Cooper, Esq Cheviot Cottage
Elsley Chobham, Surrey Medium
Elsley Chobham, Surrey Universal
Henley Christow Medium
Archer. Thomas  Chudleigh Universal
Ball, Thomas Chudleigh Universal
Blandy Esq Chudleigh Medium
Bultrip Chudleigh Cottage
Buttrip Chudleigh Medium
Buttrip Chudleigh Medium
Buttrip Chudleigh Medium
Chichester, A Esq Chudleigh Universal
Clack Chudleigh Cottage
Fereira Chudleigh Medium
Flood Chudleigh Universal
Hazard Chudleigh Medium
Hill W Chudleigh Medium
Kelly Esq Chudleigh Medium
Langley, Esq Chudleigh Cottage
Mugg M A Chudleigh Medium
Pearse Chudleigh Ordinary Enclosed
Petherick Chudleigh Cottage
Petherick Chudleigh Universal
Scott B Esq Chudleigh Universal
Sweetland Chudleigh Medium
Yarde, T Esq Chudleigh Stove '96 Rectory?
Scott, Admiral Chudleigh (New House?) Cottage
Bethun, Rev G Chulmleigh Exonian
Bethune, Rev G Chulmleigh Cottage
Bethune, Rev G Chulmleigh Universal
Bond, Wm Chulmleigh Medium
Boundy Chulmleigh Medium
Boundy Chulmleigh Medium
Crispin Esq Chulmleigh Cottage
Hodge Mr Chulmleigh Cottage
Hole, Rev George Chulmleigh Medium
Marshall Chulmleigh Cottage
Marshall R Chulmleigh Medium
Mitchel,l Robert Chulmleigh Universal
Penderthy Chulmleigh Cottage
Webber Chulmleigh Liverpool
Rowden, Richard Chulmleigh (2) Medium
Churston, Lord Churston Ferrers Universal
Cluse & Bose City of London Medium
Noel, Capt George Clanna Falls, Glos Cottage
Noel, Capt George Clanna Falls, Glos Cottage
Auber Rev  Clannaborough Medium
Wreford Esq Clannaborough Medium
Wreford Esq Clannaborough Universal
Strong G L, Engineer Claremont ? Exonia
Russell Mr Clifton (Bristol?) Universal
Osborne & Co Clyde Steel Wks, Sheffield (12) Medium
Addington. Maj Ratcliffe Clyst Hydon Exonian
Hughes Red D M` Clyst Hydon Medium
Huish Rev Clyst Hydon Cottage
Huyshe Rev Clyst Hydon Exonian
Huyshe, Rev Clyst Hydon Universal
Mathew J Esq Clyst Hydon Exonian
Mathews Clyst Hydon Cottage
Mathews Clyst Hydon Medium
Sanders Clyst Hydon Exonia
Sanders G ? C Clyst Hydon Exonia
Saunders Dr Clyst Hydon Medium
Huyshe, Rev Clyst Hydon (3) Cottage
Steer J S & H Clyst St George Medium
Gibbs, Rev ? L Clyst St George Rectory Exonian
Strong, Rev E Clyst St Mary Exonia
Strong, Rev E Clyst St Mary Exonia
Levett Capt Coal Hayes, Bovey Tracey Exonian
Mallock C H  Cockington Court, Torquay Exonian
Jarratt Colaton Raleigh Cottage
Tilke Colaton Raleigh Universal
Wreford Colebrook Medium
Peters, Thomas Coleford Medium
Molland Coleridge Medium
Sadler Rev. Coleridge Medium
Sadler, Rev  Coleridge Cottage
Carew Collipriest, Tiverton Exonian
Scarborough Esq Colyford, Nr Axminster (2) Universal
Ackland Thomas  Colyton Medium
Baker  Colyton Medium
Brown Colyton Universal
Brown, Ironmonger Colyton Universal
Kenshole, Builder Colyton Universal
Kenshole, Builder Colyton Universal
Newberry Esq Colyton Universal
Newberry Esq Colyton Universal
Brock, Wm Combe, Teignmouth Medium
Strong Commercial Road, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Penruddock, Charles Compton Park, Wells Exonian
Wreford, Currier Coombe St, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Wreford, Currier Coombe Street, Exeter Cottage
Sillifant J Esq Coombe, Colebrook Exonia
Sillifant Esq Coombe, Colebrooke Exonia
King Mr Copplestone Cottage
Whately, Thomas Copplestone Cottage
Wills, George Esq Copplestone Exonian
Whately, Thomas Copplestone (3) 1869 Medium
Gamble J H  Cork Cottage
Rogers, Rev Canon Cornwall Cottage
Follett Esq Countess Wear, Exeter Cottage
Davy Mr Countess Weir Cottage
Davy & Son Countess Weir, Exeter Medium
Ford B Countess Weir, Exeter Universal
Ford B Esq Countess Weir, Exeter Exonian
Wood, J Esq Courtlands Exonian
Wood, Esq Courtlands, Exmouth Medium
Rowe, Mrs Cove, Tiverton Exonian
Portsmouth, Earl of Cowdown Lodge, Hurstbourne Priors Medium
Sheppard J Esq Cowley Exonia
Sheppard Esq Cowley, Exeter Medium
Sheppard J Esq Cowley, Exeter Medium
Sheppard, James Esq Cowley, Exeter Exonia
New J C Craddock House (?) Exonian
New J C Craddock House (?) Exonian
New J C Craddock House (?)(2) Medium
New J C Craddock House (?)(2) Medium
Anstey Crediton Cottage
Bickford Crediton Cottage
Brown Crediton Medium
Brown Crediton Medium
Brown J Crediton Exonian
Grammar School Crediton Universal
Haywards Charity Crediton Medium
Heathman, Builder Crediton Exonian
Herring Crediton Cottage
Hugo Mrs Crediton Medium
Inch Crediton Medium
Lee, James Crediton Medium
Mortimer G Crediton Ordinary Enclosed
Roach Crediton Medium
Sobey Crediton Cottage
Sobey S Crediton Medium
Thomas J Crediton Cottage
Heathman J Crediton (2) Medium
Buller, Esq Crediton (Downes)(2) Cottage
Davie, Sir Henry Creedy Cottage
Davie, Sir Henry Creedy Exonian
Davie, Sir Henry Creedy Medium
Fowler Crewkerne Medium
Parsons, Henry Crewkerne Medium
Rowe Crewkerne Medium
Hammond & Purrett Croydon Medium
Hubbard Croydon Universal
Young, Charles Crystal Palace, London (2) 1860 & 61) Cottage
Hoofe Cukkompton Medium
Bilbee Miss Cullompton Universal
Burrington Cullompton Medium
Chave, Dr Cullompton Medium
Cullompton Bank Cullompton Medium
Cullompton Bank Cullompton Medium
Dennis, George Cullompton Medium
Frist Cullompton Medium
Grant W C Esq Cullompton Ordinary Enclosed
Houlditch Capt. Cullompton Medium
Howard Cullompton Medium
Mitchell Cullompton Medium
Palmer, Henry Cullompton Medium
Pasley Cullompton Exonian
Selwood Esq Cullompton Exonia
Sykes, Rev Cullompton Exonia
Sykes, Rev Cullompton Exonia
Upcott Esq Cullompton Universal
Ward Cullompton Medium
Leigh A Esq Cullompton (2) Medium
Stevens, Rev R Culver Exonia
Stevens, Rev R Culver, Longdown Exonia
Day, Mr Culver, Nr Langport Medium
Hare Rev H Curtis Knowle, S. Devon Exonian
Smith W O  Dalston, London Medium
Watson Dartington Universal
Dally W B Dartmouth Universal
Fotheringham Dartmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Gimblett J H Dartmouth Medium
Ley, Robert Dartmouth Cottage
Lidstone, Thomas Dartmouth Universal
Prideaux Dartmouth Cottage
Vincent C E Dartmouth Medium
Lidstone Thomas Dartmouth (2) Medium
Avent Dawlish Medium
Barrett Dawlish Medium
Border, Ironmonger ? Dawlish Liverpool Range
Buck, Capt Dawlish Medium
Campbell Dawlish Exonian
Dare Mrs Dawlish Ordinary Enclosed
Duckworth, W Esq Dawlish Universal
Fursdon Dawlish Medium
Hodson, Mrs Dawlish Universal
Leicester Esq Dawlish Universal
Long, N  Dawlish Universal
Loram, Capt Dawlish Cottage
Lowe Dawlish Cottage
Manning Esq Dawlish Medium
Marley, James Dawlish Medium
Merrifield Dawlish Medium
Merrifield Dawlish Universal
Smith G Dawlish Medium
Splatt Messrs Dawlish Universal
Strickland Dawlish Universal
Truscott, General Dawlish Exonian
Turner Esq Dawlish Exonian
Turner Esq Dawlish Range
Westcott Dawlish Medium
Knighton Dawlish (2) Universal
Knighton Mrs Dawlish (2) Universal
Knighton Mrs Dawlish (2) Universal
Morgan  Dawlish (2) Universal
Manning J E Esq Dawlish, Malvern (2) Universal
Buller, Sir J Dean Prior (for) Cottage
Lindsey, Hon'92ble Colin Deer Park, Honiton Exonian
Bogue, Rev Denbury Exonian
Mitchell, Builder Deptford Cottage
Tucker, William Deptford Medium
Sanders  Devon Place, Plymouth Medium
Edwards, Hatter  Devonshire Place, Exeter Ordniary Enclosed
Woodley, Captain Didworthy, South Brent Cottage
Miles, William Engrs Dix'92s Field, Exeter Cottage
Miles, William Esq Dix'92s Field, Exeter Universal
Johnson Dock House, Southampton (2) Cottage
Heard, Thomas Dolton Cottage
Lion Mr Dolton Cottage
Trevelyan Dorset Medium
Simpson Rev H J Dowlands (?) Hatherlieigh Universal
Bushell Down St Mary Medium
Radford Rev Down St Mary Cottage
Radford, Rev Down St Mary Exonian
Buller, J H Esq Downes Crediton Ordinary Enclosed
Buller Exsq Downes, Crediton Medium
Clayfield Dowrich ? Universal
Bragg Drewsteignton Medium
Harris Mills Drewsteignton Medium
Ponsford, Rev Drewsteignton (2) Universal
Goodwin F Droitwich Medium
Walrond B Dulford House, Broadhembury Medium
Browne, Rev Dulverton Medium
Collyns J B ESq Dulverton Universal
Dulverton Union (Mr Hammond) Dulverton Exonian
La Serre W H Esq Dulverton Medium
Mildmay Mrst John Dulverton Exonian
Burrough M Dunkeswell Cottage
Gray Dunlish Farm, Dorset Cottage
Hepburn Dunmorie, Bradninch Exonian
Cole C Dunsford Universal
Routley Dunsford Universal
Williams Dunster Universal
Chorley, Mr F Dursley Medium
Barnes William Duryard Exonian
Lambert Esq Duryard, Exeter Cottage
Holliston, Luke Ealing Medium
Brookman Ealing, London Medium
Stone Eaton Place Medium
Lee, General Ebford Cottage
Lee, Genl Ebford Medium
Paul, William Ebford Universal
Ross ?, Innkeeper Eggesford Medium
Portsmouth, Earl of Eggesford House Rectory
Royal Western Yacht Club El;liot Terr:, Plymouth Exonian
Kingwell Ellacombe, Torquay Cottage
Be(a?)nfield Elmfield Hotel Cottage
Green J Esq Eltham, Kent Exonian
Kennaway Sir J Escott, Ottery St Mary Exonian
Kennaway, Sir J Escott, Ottery St Mary Medium
Stamp , Thomas estate of late Ordinary Enclosed
Brooke Exbourne Medium
Gunden, George Exbourne Cottage
Merrifield Exbourne (2) Medium
Knott Thomas, Druggist exchange Cottage
Industrial School Exe ? Island Devon Farm House
Stamp executors to the late of 100 Fore St Ordinary Enclosed
Ackland Exeter Medium
Ackland Queen Street Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Blind Institution (Devon & Exeter) Exeter Exonian
Cuthbertson Exeter Medium
Devon & Exeter Club Exeter Exonian
Devon County Gaol Exeter Medium
Devon County Gaol Exeter Universal
Exeter Bank (Morgans Estate) Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Exeter Town Council Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Exeter Training College Exeter Exonian
Feeoffes of St Petrocks Exeter Medium
Female Reformatory Exeter Exonian
Force, Builder Exeter Universal
Gas Company Exeter Medium
Kingdon Exeter Universal
Kingdon Exeter Universal
Kingdon Exeter Universal
Kingdon S W Exeter Cottage
Kingdon Samuel Esq Exeter Cottage
Literary Society Exeter Cottage
Luscombe Builder Exeter Unknown
Penitentiary, Devon & Exeter Exeter Medium
Penitentiary, Devon & Exeter Exeter Range '96 Unknown
Pince, Messrs & Co Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Pollard, Printer Exeter Medium
St Thomas Hospital Exeter Cottage
Stogden J Esq, Solicitor Exeter Medium
Stogden J Esq, Solicitor Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
West of England Fire Office Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
West of England Insurance Co Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Pearse, Ironmongers Exeter (2) Cottage
Poltimore, Lord Exeter (2) Medium
Knowling, Builder Exeter (3) Ordinary Enclosed
Pince & Co, Nurserymen Exeter (6) Cottage
Blind Institution Exeter ? Range
Deaf & Dumb Institution Exeter ? Exonian
Deaf & Dumb Institution Exeter ? Medium
Force, Builder Exeter ? Cottage
Lopes, Sir M Exeter ? Cottage
Stevens, Rev. Sub-Dean Exeter ? Universal
Veitch & Son, Nurserymen Exeter ? Cottage
Windeatt, Draper Exeter ? Medium
Veitch, Nurserymen Exeter ? (2) Medium
Turnpike Trust (Howard) Exeter ? (3) Cottage 1857
Banfield Exeter ?, Honiton Exonian
Sanders & Co Exeter Bank, Exeter (2) Universal
Sanders & Company Exeter Bank, High St Exeter (2) Cottage
Tompson, E Exeter Water Company Medium
Hitt & Sons Exeter, for Mr King Medium
Deaf & Dump Institute Exeter? Exonian 1903
Devon & Exeter Penitentiary Exeter? Range
Stevens, Rev, Sub-Dean Exeter? Ordinary Enclosed
Reformatory Exeter? In exchange Medium
Sproule, Captain Exeter? St Leonards ? Exonia
Webber & Sons, Draper Exetet Medium
Asylum Exminster Medium
Asylum Exminster Universal
Exminster Asylum Exminster Exonian
Gibbings R Exminster Exonian
Lee, Mrs Exminster Medium
Lewes, Rev G Exminster Cottage
Morgan Exminster Medium
Trood Esq Exminster Exonian
Trood Esq Exminster Range
Wippell Exminster Medium
Bence G Exmothe Ordinary Enclosed
Aggasiz. Liet Exmouth Cottage
Bazalgatte Col Exmouth Exonian
Bazalgatte Col Exmouth Exonian
Bince, Sir E Exmouth Cottage
Bishop, Esq Exmouth Universal
Blackmore & Son Exmouth Medium
Blackmore & Son Exmouth Medium
Blackmore H Exmouth Exonian
Blackmore S? Exmouth Exonian
Boldock, Capt Exmouth Exonian
Burridge Exmouth Exonian
Burridge Exmouth Universal
Burridge, Thomas Exmouth Medium
Cann, Rev Exmouth Exonian
Crabb, Henry Exmouth Medium
Dawson C Esq Exmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Gas Co ? Exmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Gifford Esq Exmouth Cottage
Gifford, Charles Esq Exmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Hayne R, Builder Exmouth Medium
Hicks R P  Exmouth Medium
Kane, Dr Exmouth Universal
Kane, Dr Exmouth Universal
Moresley Exmouth Cottage
Perry, James Exmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Perry, Mason Exmouth Universal
Prettyjohn Exmouth Medium
Redway Exmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Rich, Captain Exmouth Universal
Small, Bartholomew Exmouth Universal
Tupman Exmouth Medium
Tupman Exmouth Universal
Vine Exmouth Cottage
Vine W Exmouth Liverpool
Walker J H  Exmouth Exonian
Warry, George Exmouth Medium
Waters Esq Exmouth Exonian
Wellington Esq Exmouth Medium
Winsor W J Exmouth Cottage
Winsor W J Exmouth Medium
Wheaton Exmouth (sent to Sidmouth) Medium
Bowhill Exwick Cottage
Shore T Exwick (2) Medium
Acland Sir P Fairfield ? Som Exonian
Acland Sir Peregrine?  Fairfield ? Som Medium
Winder, G A Fairmile, Ottery St Mary Exonian
Anderton E A Falmouth Medium
Clarke Mr Falmouth Medium
Clarke W Falmouth Medium
Fox, Ironmonger Falmouth Cottage
Francis Mrs Le Blanc Fareham (should be under '91L'92) Universal
Bennett Faringdon, Berkshire Exonian
Letts, Charles Farnborough Villa, Sydenham. Kent? Medium
Connop W Farringdon Exonian
Connors W  Farringdon Ordinary Enclosed
Gray Rev Farringdon Medium
Johnson E Farringdon Ordinary Enclosed
Liddell H Farringdon Medium
Pomeroy, Coachman Farringdon Cottage
White, Mr Farringdon Ordinary Enclosed
Bath H P Feniton Exonian
Pattison Sir J Feniton Universal
Splatt W F Fleet House, Ivybridge Exonia
Splatt W F Esq Fleet House, Ivybridge Exonia
Plumbridge E Fleet St. London Cottage
Brown Florian, Torquay Cottage
Daw, J Esq Font Hill Cottage
Luscombe, Builder for (Royal) Albert Museum, Queen St Ordinary Enclosed
Radford for ? Buller Esq Medium
Widdicombe J for Australia Cottage 1858
Widdicombe for Australia (4) 1858 Medium
Poltimore, Lord for Bampfylde House Universal
Kngdon ? E for Bynes, Southernhay, Exeter Universal
Shapley for Castle or Baring Tce, Exeter Universal
Porter, Major  for Demarara (W.Indies?) Exonian
Treffry for Gibraltar Cottage
Howard For Mr Kings ? house Medium
Baker, Rev for Mr Vernon ? Cooking Range
Wilson & Son for Park Place ? Medium
Miles Esq for Reformatory Medium
Handford Capt For Ship Medium
Perkins for Sydney (Export)(5) Cottage
Miles Esq for Ten Cells ?? Cottage
Moore W for West Esq, Streatham Hall (2 poss) Exonian
Hillary, Mr Fordingbridge (3) Cottage
Maunder Fore St Hill, Exeter Medium
Bradley Fore Street Medium<
Bradley Fore Street Universal
Kingdon C Esq Fore Street ? Medium
Dinham Esq Fore Street, Exeter (?) Cottage
Tuckers Hall Fore Street, Exeter 8.11.1859 Exonian
Mount Esq Forest Hill, London Medium
Howard, Edward Forrest Hill (?) Universal
Healey Fortfield Hotel, Sidmouth Exonian
Buller J W Esq Foxhays Cottage
Gardner Freemantle Square, Bristol Medium
De St Croix Frome Medium
Jesse W T Frome Exonian
Wake, Colonel Fulford ? Universal
Fursdon Rev Fursdon ? Medium
Fursdon Rev Fursdon? Exonian
Fursdon, Rev Fursdon? Cottage
Downe, Mr Garden Square, North Street Cottage
Halliday, Rev W Glenthorn, Exeter Universal
Lammacraft Globe Inn, Exeter Medium
Bravinder & Son Gloucester Medium
Butt Henry Gloucester Cottage
Butt, H  Gloucester Cottage
Butt, Henry Gloucester Cottage
Butt, Henry Gloucester Cottage
Cole Jnr, Builder Gloucester Cottage
Cole John Gloucester Medium
Cole, John Gloucester Medium
Colton J Gloucester Universal
Cullis Gloucester Medium
Darwin, Mrs Gloucester Universal
Fletcher, Gunmaker Gloucester Medium
Fletcher, Thomas Gloucester Cottage
Hayes, James Gloucester Medium
Holmes Henry Gloucester Medium
Holmes, H  Gloucester Cottage
Pearce, Thomas, Chemist Gloucester Universal
Reynolds W, Ironmonger Gloucester Cottage
Waites J Gloucester Medium
Pomeroy, Robert Gloucester (2) Cottage
Reynolds, Ironmonger Gloucester (2) Medium 1861
Ford Brothers Gloucester (3) Cottage
Reynolds, Ironmonger Gloucester (5) Medium 1862
Reynolds, Ironmonger Gloucester (5) Medium 1863
Bravender & Son Gloucester (8) Cottage
Lewis J Gould Square, London Cottage
Hill John  Gravesend, London Medium
Crystal Palace Great Exhibition Display Cottage
Oyler Great Tong Farm, Headcorne, Kent Cottage
Oyler Great Tong Farm, Headcorne, Kent Cottage
Harvey Greenway Medium
Harvey Greenway, Torquay Cottage
Shean Grindale Cottage
Dewdney,  Grocer, Fore Street, Exeter Medium
Williams, Captain Groveland ? Universal
Sharp & Terry Gt Chichester Sq, London (16 Export?) Medium 1869
Sharp & Terry Gt Chichester Sq, London (6 Export?) Cottage 1869
St Thomas Union Guardians of Medium
Smith R Guildford, Surrey Medium
Haynes Mr  Gurney, Kent Cottage
Bryan, Rev Guy, Norfolk Medium
Milford Mr Haccombe Cottage
Wake Esq Haccombe Medium
Williams W L Hackney, London Medium
Palk, Laurence Haldon Cottage
Palk, Sir L V Haldon House Exonian
Harris W J Esq Halwill Exonian
Beard, Richard Hampton Park, Bristol Universal
Bartholomew, Rev (late Martin)` Harberton Exonian
Martin C Rev Harberton Exonian
Mathew, Maj Harberton Medium
Colley Harbertonford Medium
Goshawk E Harrow Medium
Goshawk Harrow, London Cottage
Hooper Hatherleigh Cottage
Hooper Hatherleigh Universal
Hooper Mr s Hatherleigh Medium
Smale W G Hatherleigh Medium
Williams, W Hatherleigh Universal
Phillips J D Esq Haverford West, Pembrokeshire Medium
Reeve J Hayne Barton, Cullompton Devon Farm House
Blunt Heavitree Universal
Bowden Heavitree Cottage
Sprague Heavitree Cottage
Rookes Esq Heavitree Pk for Else,Twywell Northants Universal
Baker, Capt Heavitree, Exeter Yorkshire Range
Courpon Heavitree, Exeter Cottage
Gardner Heavitree, Exeter Medium
Gardner Junior? Heavitree, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Haydon Mr Heavitree, Exeter Cottage
Hitt Heavitree, Exeter Exonian
Hitt Messrs Heavitree, Exeter Universal
Kenshole Heavitree, Exeter Cottage
Kenshole, Builder Heavitree, Exeter Medium
Miles Esq Heavitree, Exeter Medium
Sanford, Butcher Heavitree, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Spark Heavitree, Exeter Exonia
Spark J Heavitree, Exeter Exonia
Spark, Mr Heavitree, Exeter Exonia
Withycombe Heavitree, Exeter Cottage
Gardener Heavitree, Exeter (2) Cottage
Gardner, Builder Heavitree, Exeter (2) Cottage
Collins Esq Hele (3) Universal 1870
Mundy, Thomas Helston Cottage
Randell Helston Cottage
Luttey Thomas Hemyock Medium
Pitts Henford, Cullompton Universal
Cutliffe Henley on Thames (to) Exonian
Stanbury Hennock Cottage
Eccles Esq Hentwood ? Exonian
Eccles Esq Hentwood ? Medium
Newton Mrs Hereford Universal
Newton Mrs Hereford Universal
Smyth C Hereford Medium
Harvey Esq Hexworthy, Launceston Exonian
Manders High St (2 Ordinary Enclosed
Smith, Butcher High St, Exeter Medium
Wardens of St Petrocks High St, Exeter Universal
Cambridge High Street Cottage
Curson High Street Universal
Fulford Esq High Street Cottage
Gould High Street Cooking Range
Phillips & Ford High Street (Exeter?) Medium
Bond High Street, Exeter Medium
Crabb, Grocer High Street, Exeter Universal
Cursin High Street, Exeter Medium
Howe, Miss High Street, Exeter Medium
Jeboult High Street, Exeter Medium
Limpenny High Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Moxey, William High Street, Exeter Cottage
Veitch R High Street, Exeter Cottage
Nosworthy, A L  High Street, Southampton Medium
Nosworthy, A L  High Street, Southampton Medium
St John, Lord Higham Ferrers, Beds Medium
Woolcombe G, Rev Highampton Medium
Woolcombe, Rev Highampton (2?) & Ashbury (1) 1868 Exonian
Brimage, Mrs Higher Holcombe, Nr Teignmouth Medium
Bower Hinton Martock Medium
Clark Hinton Martock ,Somerset Medium
Rayer W C Holcombe Court, Holcombe Rogus Universal
Rayer W Esq Holcombe Court, Holcombe Rogus Ordinary Enclosed
Hunt Holloway St, Exeter Universal
Hunt & Seccombe Holloway St, Exeter Universal
White Holloway St, Exeter Medium
Bissent Holloway Street, Exeter Cottage
Campian, Thomas Esq Holloway Street, Exeter Universal
Harberry Holloway Street, Exeter Cottage
Pridham Dr Holloway Street, Exeter Medium
Green Esq Holly Lodge, Hanwell Medium
Osborne, Miss Holne Down Rectory
Coham Holsworthy Medium
Griffey, James Holsworthy Universal
Higgs James, Esq Holsworthy (2) Medium
Kingdon, Rev Holsworthy (2) Medium
Blake Honiton Cottage
Burleton, Rev H B  Honiton Universal
Elton Sir Edward Honiton Medium
Matterface Honiton Medium
Newman Esq Honiton Exonian
Newman Esq Honiton Exonian
Wheaton, Ironmonger Honiton Exonian
Burgin Hounslow Medium
Perrott & Son Hove Iron Works Universal
Barracks, The Cavalry Howell Road Medium
Chichester Esq Hull? Exonian
Wren & Mathew Hungerford Cottage
Wren, Mathew Hungerford Cottage
Dunn Rev R Huntsham Medium
Troyte A H T Huntsham Cottage
Troyte A H D Huntsham (2) Cottage 1856
Troyte C A W (?) Huntsham Court Medium
Holt R Hursey, Broadwinsor, Dorset Medium
Nott, Builder Hurstbourne Priors, Bampton Medium
Nott, Builder Hurstbourne Priors, Bampton Medium
Portsmouth, Earl of Hurstbourne, Hants (5) Medium
Franklin Huxham Medium
Arnold Thomas  Iddesleigh Medium
Eales Mr Ide Medium
Lake Ide Medium
Partridge Ide Medium
Richards, Milliners(?) Ide Cottage
Williams, W Mason Ide Cottage
Down G Ilfracombe Universal
Gould W R Ilfracombe Medium
Hews Ilfracombe (for Ridge Wiveliscombe) Cottage
Hale Rev Thomas Ilsington Vicarage Exonian
Lovett Rev Ilsington, Bovey Tracey Exonian
Thomas, James in Shop (Garton & Jarvis'92s ??) Cottage
Hatcher Inn (?) Dawlish Universal
Bluett Ipplepen Cottage
Cowling N M  Ipplepen Exonian
Lawrence Ipplepen Cottage
Anniss Ironmonger Budleigh Salterton Universal
Angel Ironmonger Totnes Universal
Matheson Sir James Isle of Lewis Exonian
Medlan Isle of Wight Cottage
Bloxham, H Isleworth Medium
Dor(v?)e Brothers Islington, London Medium
Dove Brothers Islington, London Oxford Range
Glenn Jnr Islington, London Universal
Blackford, Lady (see Rogers) Ivybridge Exonian
Cornish, Rev Ivybridge Cottage
Gidley Ivybridge Medium
Allen James Cottage
Bastard James St Medium
Daniels, Rev Kenbury Hot Plate & Oven
Daniells, Rev Kenbury (?) Exonian
Porter, Rev R Kenn Exonian
Richards Mr Kenn Ordinary Enclosed
Empson, Rev Kennerleigh Medium
Lee Mrs Kennerleigh Medium
Paul Kensal Road, London Cottage
Green R Esq Kensington Medium
Turner Esq Kensington Medium
Bird Kensington, London Cottage
Frazer Esq Kensington, London Universal
Good E Kensington, London Cottage
Tisdall Kensington, London Cottage
Chittenden Kent Medium
Alleyne Rev J F  Kentisbeare Exonian
Dennis Kentisbeare Medium
Courtenay, Lord Kenton Cottage
Devon, Earl of Kenton Medium
Lisle, Lord Kenton Ordinary Enclosed
Loram Kenton Ordinary Enclosed
Soper J Kenton Medium
West, Yeoman Kenton Medium
Pepys, Henry Leslie Kenton Cottage, Kenton Universal
Sherry Kilburn Priory, London Medium
Shearm Kilkhampton Medium
Thynne, Lord John Kilkhampton, Cornwall Exonian
Acland Sir T  Killerton Cooking Improved Oxford
Acland Sir Thomas  Killerton Ordinary Enclosed
Birmingham, Mr Killerton Universal
Acland Sir Thomas Killerton ? Medium
Cragg, Mrs Killerton, Broadclyst Medium
Madrick King Street, Exeter Cottage
Nicholls King Street, Exeter Medium
Nicholls King Street, Exeter Medium
Gilbert King William Terrace, Summerland St Cottage
Sprague Kings Road, Chelsea Cottage
Adams R  Kingsbridge Medium
Ilbert N R Kingsbridge Exonian
Jarvis N E Kingsbridge Medium
Jeffries Kingsbridge Medium
Kingsbridge Union Kingsbridge Ordinary Enclosed
Moore Mrs Kingsbridge Medium
Parker W Kingsbridge Ordinary Enclosed
Southwood Mr A Kingsbridge Cottage
Forbes, Capt Kingsbridge (changed to Balkwill Esq) Medium
Jarvis A P Kingsbridge (of firm) 2 Medium
Jarvis, Capt Kingsbridge, for Singapore Medium
Amery Kingskerswell Medium
Brown H L Esq Kingskerswell Cottage
Brown H L Esq Kingskerswell Ordinary Enclosed
Brown J P Esq Kingskerswell Exonian
Hayes Esq Kingskerswell Exonian
Mason, Major Kingskerswell Cooking Range
Shapley J Kingskerswell Cottage
Wale Esq Kingskerswell Medium
Wale, J  Kingskerswell Medium
Beadon, J Esq Kingston, Nr Taunton Medium
Short, Thomas Kingswear Medium
Duckworth, Lady Knightley Exonian
Hotham, Lady Knightley Exonian
Hotham, Lady Jane Knightley, Exeter Devon Farmhouse
Coakes E  Lamberhurst, Kent Universal
Guscott Lamerton, Tavistock Cottage
Dudman, Rev Langport Exonian
Dudman, Rev Langport Medium
Gillett, H A Langport, Somerset Cottage
Croote, Esq Lapford Medium
Gastage, Mr Lapford Cottage
Hill, Rev Larkbeare Universal
McDoughall Larkbeare Universal
Davenport, A Esq Larkbeare, Ottery St Mary Exonian
Cann, Rev Launceston Medium
Gurney Esq Launceston Exonian
Proctor, Ironmonger Launceston Ordinary Enclosed
Thorne & Son Launceston (3) Ordinary Enclosed 1868
Pumphrey Lawrence Ho, York Medium
Stuart Pulford & Co Leadenhall St, London (4) Cottage 1868
Deane I J Leadenhall Street, London Medium
Prout Lewannick (4) Cornish
Prout Lewannick, Launceston (4) Medium
Prout J Lewannick, Launceston (5) Cottage
Henry J H Lichfield (4) Medium
Bradshaw H Esq Lifton Pk. Launceston Exonian
Forsaith Lincolns Inn, London Cottage
Saunders, Messrs Lincolnshire Medium
Saunders, Rev Lincolnshire Medium
Cocks (Cox?) Capt Liskeard Ordinary Enclosed
Cocks, Col Liskeard Medium
Robinson & Co  Liverpool Medium
Robinson & Son  Liverpool Cottage
Robinson & Son  Liverpool (6) 1853 Cottage
Higgs & Jones  Liverpool, for Longman, Wolverhampton Universal
Bidwell J G Esq (Exports) London Ordinary Enclosed
Blythe & Green London Medium
Born J P London Medium
Brown Thomas London Medium
Browning London Medium
Capper Son & M???  London Medium
Carruthers W  London Cottage
Chalk, Esq (to Mrs Austin)  London Cottage
Chapman Esq  London Medium
Chapple, James  London Exonian
Colwell, Mr  London Medium
Colwill, Mr  London Universal
Curtis, Mr  London Medium
Cutliffe, Mrs  London Medium
DeBergue Charles Esq  London Cottage
DeBergue, Charles Esq  London Universal
Downe, Mr  London Cottage
Dowson I E Esq  London Medium
Escott Junior  London Medium
Findlay & Durham (Exports?)  London Medium
Findlay, Merchant  London Medium
Froom W  London Cottage
Gaydon, Mfrs  London Cottage
Gibbs Mrs  London Cottage
Hampshire, George  London Ordinary Enclosed
Hearn  London Cottage
Hearn Junior  London Cottage
Hilston Mr  London Cottage
Jackson Esq  London Medium
Jones, Rev R  London Medium
Marzette J C Esq London Cottage
McNeil & Co  London Cottage
McNeill & Co  London Universal
Medhurst, Thomas  London Medium
Mitchell E  London Cottage
Morgan  London Medium
Plumbridge  London Medium
Reed & Hawley  London Exonian
Rowsell William  London Medium
Simon G Esq  London Cottage
Society of Labouring Classes  London Cottage '96 see '91A'92 Albert, HRH, Prince
Tagg, Rev J  London Medium
Vaughan J B  London Cottage
Walter & Co  London Medium
Wilson E Esq  London Exonian
Hawley, H & A  London (10) (Export) Cottage 1862
Hawley, H & A  London (13) (Export) Cottage 1867
Hawley, H & A  London (16) (Export) Cottage 1863
Hawley, H & A  London (16) (Export) Cottage 1864
Johnson & Archer  London (17) Medium
Flower & Co (Exports?)  London (23) Medium 1855
Blythe & Green London (6) Cottage
Johnson & Archer  London (6) Cottage
Lloyd B S & Co  London (6) Exonian
Hawley H & A  London (6) (Export) Cottage 1868
Hawley, H & A  London (6) (Export) Cottage 1866
Hawley, H & A  London (8) (Export) Cottage 1865
McDonald & Co  London (Export to Sydney Aus) (2) Cottage `1858
McDonald & Co  London (Export to Sydney Aus) (30) Cottage 1860
McDonald & Co  London (Export to Sydney Aus) (4) Cottage 1862
McDonald & Co  London (Export to Sydney Aus) (7) Cottage 1866
McDonald & Co  London (Export to Sydney Aus) (8) Cottage 1859
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (10) Medium 1860
Born London (Export) (12) Cottage 1858
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (14) Medium 1859
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (2) Cottage 1860
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (3) Cottage 1859
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (3) Universal 1856
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (3) Universal 1858
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (41) Medium 1858
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (6) Cottage 1857
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (8) Medium 1857
Reed & Hawley  London (Export) (9) Cottage 1858
Reed & Powell  London (Export?) (12) Cottage 1862
Reed & Powell  London (Export?) (4) Cottage 1861
Reed & Powewll  London EC (Export) (12) Medium 1862
Reed & Powell  London EC (Export) (18) Medium 1861
Pople, R Esq  London Hotel, Exeter Exonian (& Hotplate Stove)
Dove Bros  London, to Huntsham Court Hot Plate & Oven
Burch Longbrook St Exeter Cottage
Pope Lower Norwood, Surrey Cottage
Ffinch, Rev Ludwell, Salisbury Cottage
Rich Esq Lugwardine, Torquay Medium
Wood Lurley (Manor?), Tiverton Medium
Hoare, R P Esq Luscombe Park Universal
Hoare P Luscombe, S. Devon Exonian
Pidgeon, Ironmonger Lyme Regis Cottage
Crabb Mr Lympstone Medium
Lovell Lympstone Medium
Marchant Lympstone Universal
Wise, Rev Lynmouth Medium
Baker, Rev Magdalen Road Universal
Edye, Surgeon Magdalen St, Exeter Universal
Huxtable Magdalen Street, Exeter Medium
Jury Magdalen Street, Exeter Medium
Snell, Builder Magdalen Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Brunel I K Esq Maidencombe, Torquay Exonian
Hussey Rev Maidenhead Exonian
Ellis & Son Maidstone Cottage
Gurney & Hayne Maidstone Cottage
Peppercorn & Co, Ironmonger Maidstone (2) Cottage
Gostage C Malmesbury Cottage
Newman, Sir Lidstone Mamhead Exonian
Newman, Sir Lidstone Mamhead Exonian
Newman, Sir Lidstone Mamhead (2) Medium
Newman, Sir Lidstone Mamhead (2) Medium
Blunt, Miss Manstone Terrace Medium
Skinfield Manstone Terrace, Exeter Range
Passmore Marland Medium
Pearse, Ironmonger Marlborough Exonian
Brice Esq Marley Ordinary Enclosed
Bryce, Esq Marley, Exmouth Medium
Noble, Mrs Marlpool Cottage Medium
Noble, Mrs Marlpool Cottage Medium
Walker J H Esq Marlpool, Exmouth Cottage
Loram, James Mary Arches St, Exeter Medium
Walton, Rev A Marychurch Universal
Taylor H Marychurch, Torquay ? Cottage
Taylor S J Marychurch, Torquay ? (2) Cottage
Taylor Marychurch, Torquay ? (6) Cottage 1856
Trimble M Matford Exonian
Trood, Colonel Matford Exonian
Kennedy Esq Mayhole, Ayreshire Exonian
Simpson & Sons, Ironmonger Melksham Cottage
Tagg W Mellis, Suffolk Medium
Ensor E, Esq Milbourne Port, Dorset Medium
Newton J G  Millaton House, Bridestowe Exonian
Newton J G  Millaton House, Bridestowe Exonian
Newton, J G Millaton House, Bridestowe Universal
Newton, J G Millaton House, Bridestowe Universal
Pellett E Minster, Salisbury Cottage
Pitts N W Esq Modbury Exonian
Cuming Elias Moertonhampstead Medium
Willett, Rev Monkleigh Universal
Northcote, Rev Monkokehampton Exonian
Northcote, Rev Monkokehampton Exonian
James J Monmouth Universal
Fryer Mont Le Grand, Exeter Exonian
Gray T Mont Le Grand, Exeter Universal
Myers Mont Le Grand, Exeter Universal
Spark Esq Mont Le Grande, Exeter Medium
Radford Esq Montpelier Lodge Cottage
Finzel G H Esq Moortown, Horrabridge Exonian
Cann Morchard Bishop Medium
Churchill Esq Morchard Bishop Cottage
Churchill, Henry Morchard Bishop Cottage
Dorithy, Confectioner Morchard Bishop Medium
Mortimore Morchard Bishop Medium
Salter W Morchard Bishop Ordinary Enclosed
Saunders Morchard Bishop ? Medium
Churchill, Lady Henry Morchard Bishop? Exonian
Henson F R Esq Morebath, N. Devon Medium
Barnard W H Morebath, Tiverton Universal
Aggot Moretonhampstead Ordinary Enclosed
Aggott. Thomas Moretonhampstead Cottage
Billet, J Moretonhampstead Cottage
Brown Moretonhampstead Cottage
Cann S Moretonhampstead Cottage
Clack, Rev Moretonhampstead Medium
Crump, Mr Moretonhampstead Exonian
Cuming Elias Moretonhampstead Cottage
Dibble Moretonhampstead Medium
Dymond Mr L Moretonhampstead Cottage
French, William Moretonhampstead Cottage
Gorman Mr ? B Moretonhampstead Medium
Heyward William  Moretonhampstead Medium
Isaac Moretonhampstead Cottage
Lovess Moretonhampstead Cottage
Palter, Miss Moretonhampstead Medium
Polter Moretonhampstead Cottage
Ruby, Rev: Moretonhampstead Universal
Scott Moretonhampstead Medium
Searle H Moretonhampstead Universal
Wills J Moretonhampstead (2) 1857 Ordinary Enclosed
Beller, Esq Morval, Cornwall Medium
Bough, Admiral Mount Radford Medium
Ellis Mount Radford Medium
Dawe Esq Mount Radford, Exeter Exonian
Ellis Senior Mount Radford, Exeter Medium
Holland, Esq Mount Radford, Exeter Universal
Ley, Mrs Mount Radford, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Patch, Mrs Mount Radford, Exeter Medium
Pouget, Major Mount Radford, Exeter Exonian
Shapter Mount Radford, Exeter Universal
Toswill Mount Radford, Exeter Medium
Wills, Rev Mount Radford, Exeter Cottage
Wrentmore Esq Mount Radford, Exeter Universal
Wills, Rev Mount Radfrd, Exeter Exonian
Pinwell Mr Gordon'92s Coachman Cottage
Stell, Captain Musbury Cottage
Still, Captain Musbury Exonia
Still, Captain Musbury Exonia
Still, Captain Musbury Universal
Thrupp, Rev Musbury Range
Thrupp, Rev Musbury Universal
Exeter & County Club Musgrave House, Exeter Exonian
Stuart & Co Napier , New Zealand (Export) (12) Medium 1869
Stuart & Co Napier, New Zealand (Export) (12) Medium 1870
Stuart & Co Napier, New Zealand (Export) (3) Cottage 1864
Stuart & Co Napier, New Zealand (Export) (4) Cottage 1866
Stuart & Co  Napier, New Zealand (Export) (4) Cottage 1869
Stuart & Co Napier, New Zealand (Export) (6) Cottage 1870
Stuart & Co Napier, New Zealand (Export) (8) Medium 1866
Lister W Esq Natal, South AfricA Medium
Hippesley H Esq Neopardy Farm, for Mr Lee Universal
Bennett, Esq New Radnor, Wales Universal
Stuart & Co  New Zealand (Export) (2) Universal 1865
Stuart & Co New Zealand (Export) (3) Medium 1865
Gibbings Newbury, Berks Medium
Staple,s James Newbury, Berks. Medium
Jones, Ironmonger Newcastle Emlyn (4) Medium
Hill Newlake Farm, Staverton (2) Medium
Rogers Mrs Newland, Glos: Medium
Colwill Newnham Medium
Lloyd, Sir T Newport Castle, Newcastle Emlyn Medium
Bailey W H Newport, Topsham Road Exonian
Bailey W H  Newport, Topsham Road Exonian
Browne, Capt Newton Abbot Medium
Chudleigh Newton Abbot Medium
Flemant ?  Newton Abbot Cottage
Goodenough Newton Abbot Medium
Hunt & Seccombe Newton Abbot Range
Patch, Mr Newton Abbot Medium
Shepherd Esq Newton abbot Medium
Whiteway Mrs Newton Abbot Cottage
Wilkins, Esq Newton Abbot Medium
Whitmarsh E Newton Abbot (2) 1862 Universal
Quicke Newton Ho., NewtonSt Cyres Rectory (1901)
Gabb Mrs Newton Poppleford Cottage
Palmer Newton St Cyres Medium
Hatch Newtown, Exeter Medium
Sandford E A Ninehead Court, Wellington Exonia
Sandford E A Ninehead Court, Wellington Exonia
Sandford E A Esq Ninehead Court, Wellington Ordinary Enclosed
Gould Miss No 1 Queen Square Medium
Finch Isaac No Address Medium
Folland No Address Cottage
Gardener, Builder No Address Ordinary Enclosed
King no address Medium
Patterson no address Cottage
Snow Mr no address Cottage
Tomb Esq no address given Exonian
Crickmore, W E  Norfolk Universal
Arden Rev  North Bovey Medium
Cole North Bovey Medium
Courtney, Rev North Bovey Universal
Tozers, Messrs, Builders North St?, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Cooke North Street Cottage
Edwards North Street, Exeter Medium
Pinder North Street, Exeter Medium
Prickman North Street, Exeter Medium
Raddon North Street, Exeter Cottage
Thorns G P North Street, Exeter Medium
Cornwall North Street, Exeter (?) Cottage
Easton William North Tamerton Cottage
Banbury North Tawton Cottage
Banbury North Tawton Medium
Banbury North Tawton Universal
Banbury Builders North Tawton Ordinary Enclosed
Bennett North Tawton Cottage
Born North Tawton Medium
Brailey North Tawton Medium
Cann, Mr North Tawton Ordinary Enclosed
Cheriton North Tawton Universal
Clatworthy, James North Tawton Medium
Croote North Tawton Universal
Day, Samuel North Tawton Cottage
Durant, G North Tawton Universal
Gibbings H North Tawton Medium
Gibbins, Draper? North Tawton Universal
Hole Rev R North Tawton Cottage
Hole, Rev R North Tawton Universal
Hooper, R  North Tawton Cottage
Seaward North Tawton Universal
Shilson North Tawton Universal
Taylor P  North Tawton Cottage
Woodruff, Thomas North Tawton Medium
Manning North Tawton (2) Cottage
Acland Sir T  North Tawton (for) Exonian
Hooper Esq Northbrook, Exeter Universal
Hooper W H Esq Northbrook, Exeter Medium
Easton & Son Northernhay, Exeter Medium
Husband Northernhay, Exeter Universal
Rawlings C Esq Northernhay, Exeter Medium
Steer Northerrnhay, Exeter Cottage
Pearson R ? Notting Hill, London Medium
Worth, James Nottingham Medium
Balson Nr Bath Exonian
Skynner, Major Nr Bideford Universal
Ratcliffe, Rev W Nr Chard, Som: Universal
Bissett M F  Nr Dulverton Universal
Newberry, Samuel Nr Honiton Medium
Newberry, Samuel Nr Honiton Medium
Blake Nr Ottery Medium
Harvey H D Esq Nr Tiverton Universal
Woldy, Captain Nr Tiverton Universal
Hart G B Esq Nr Truro Exonian
Montgomery Nr Uxbridge Cottage
Cole G L Esq Nr Wellington Universal
Moysey Rev D Nr Wellington Cottage
Weiden R Esq nr Wellington Universal
Sprigg Nuneaton, Coventry Medium
Porter, Thomas Nutwell Exonian
Drake, Sir Trayton Nutwell Court Universal
Drake, Sir Trayton Nutwell Court, Cottage
King J of firm Medium
Copplestone F Esq Offwell Cottage
Coplestone, Rev Offwell, Honiton Exonian
Bond, J M  Okehampton Medium
Earle, James Okehampton Open Fire Range
Hawkes, Esq Okehampton Universal
Kennard Okehampton Cottage
Kerslake Okehampton Ordinary Enclosed
Landick Okehampton Medium
Newcombe Okehampton Medium
Newcombe Okehampton Medium
Seymour & Bond Okehampton Medium
Northcote, Rev M (?) Okehampton (2) Cottage
Northcote, Rev M (?) Okehampton (2) Cottage
Seymour & Bond Okehampton (2) Medium
Jessop Okehampton (5) Medium
Jessop R Okehampton (6) Cottage
Beadon W Otterleigh (?) Exonian
Ellis W H Esq Ottermouth, Budleigh Salterton Rectory
Ellis W H Esq Ottermouth, Budleigh Salterton Rectory
Carter G Otterton Cottage
Coleridge, Rev J B  Otterton Medium
Coventry, Rev Ottery St Mary Exonian
Digby Ottery St Mary Medium
Digby, Builder Ottery St Mary Medium
Digby, Builder Ottery St Mary Universal
Digby, W Ottery St Mary Ordinary Enclosed
Evans S J Ottery St Mary Medium
Glanville Esq Ottery St Mary Exonian
Little Ottery St Mary Cottage
Marshall Ottery St Mary Medium
Mickleburgh Ottery St Mary Medium
Pilman, Mason Ottery St Mary Medium
Reed Ottery St Mary Medium
Warren Ottery St Mary Medium
Warren, Ironmonger Ottery St Mary Exonian
Barnes, Rev Ralph Oxford Universal
Hayes  Oxford Street, Gloucester Universal
Studd, Colonel Oxton House Exonia
Studd, Colonel Oxton House, Kenton Exonia
Studd, Colonel Oxton House, Kenton Improved
Studd, Colonel Oxton House, Kenton Ordinary Enclosed
Jones Paddington, London Cottage
Whiting J Esq Paddington, London (2) 1855 Medium
Brune, Miss Padstow Universal
Tridwin J Esq Padstow Universal
Deller Paignton Medium
Jacobs Paignton Exonian
Lyde, Capt Paignton Medium
Searle Paignton Medium
Towell Paignton Medium
Tully M Paignton Cottage
Cropman Paignton` Cottage
Barnes, Ralph Esq Palace Gate, Exeter Medium
Cornish  Palace St (?) Cottage
Whitter Esq Parade, Budleigh Salterton Cottage
Boucher Paris St, Exeter Cottage
Ware & Sons, Builder? Paris St, Exeter Universal
Ware & Sons, Builder Paris St, Exeter (1) 1862 Medium
Ware & Sons, Builder? Paris St, Exeter (11) 1857 Medium
Ware & Sons, Builder Paris St, Exeter (2) 1860 Medium
Ware & Sons, Builder Paris St, Exeter (3) 1858 Medium
Ware & Sons, Builder Paris St, Exeter (6) 1861 Medium
Ware, Messrs, Builder Paris St, Exeter ? Cottage
Ware & Son Paris St, Exeter. Range
Bragg Paris Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Cox, Mr Paris Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Elliot J Esq Paris Street, Exeter Medium
Hill Paris Street, Exeter Medium
Preedy, Admiral Park House, Budleigh Salterton Exonian
Cole, William Park Lane, Dawlish Ordinary Enclosed
Brock, William Esq Parkers Well Exonian
Gifford Mrs Parkers Well Ordinary Enclosed
Hamlyn J C Esq Pascoe (?) Universal
Hamlyn J C Pascoe ? Ordinary Enclosed
Veale, James Harris Esq Passaford, Harherleigh Exonian
Faddy, Col Paul Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Kingdon Esq (surgeon) Paul Street, Exeter Medium
Saunders Payhembury Ordinary Enclosed
Lousada Esq Peak Cottage, Sidmouth? Cottage
Kekewich, Trehawke Peamore Exonian
Barham, Doctor Penleonard, Exeter Universal
Flanklyn Pennicombe Farm Cottage
Hamilton, Capt Pennsylvania, Exeter Cottage
Kennaway William Esq Pennsylvania, Exeter Exonian
Franklin Pennycombe Medium
Peard, Colonel Penquite, Par Devon Farm House
Peard, Colonel Penquite, Par Universal
Coryton, Col Pentille Castle Exonian
Bolither R Esq Penzance Exonian
Gregory Esq Perridge House Longdown Exonian
Woolcombe, Rev Petrockstowe Exonian
Brown, James Pilminster Nr Taunton Medium
Beazley Pinhoe Universal
Hamilton, Capt Pinhoe, Exeter Universal
Manning Esq Pinhoe, Exeter Medium
Hamilton, Capt Pinhoe, Exeter (2) Cottage
Brown Pitminster, Taunton Cottage
Dudman, Rev Pitney Universal
Bailey Mr Pitt Farm, Lympstone Devon Farm Cooking Stove
Pulsford, Robert Pitt House, Chudleigh Exonian
Knight, Rev Pitt Rectory, Tiverton Exonian
Bailey, Rev Plymouth Medium
Bayley Esq Plymouth Ordinary Enclosed
Cann Plymouth Medium
Cann Mr Plymouth Medium
Fowler, Mr Plymouth Medium
Hamlyn G Plymouth Cottage
Hawkins, Ironmonger Plymouth Medium
Horley, G Plymouth Cottage
James E Plymouth Medium
Luxton W J Plymouth Medium
Plimsoul Bros` Plymouth Medium
Radcliffe C L Esq Plymouth Exonian
Tucker G L Plymouth Medium
Wilcocks, Engineer? Plymouth Exonian
Bayley Esq Plymouth (4) Cottage
Vautier, Rev R Plympton Exonian
Dornford, Rev J  Plymtree Universal
Moseley Rev Plymtree, Cullompton Universal
Follett J? C Esq Polsloe Exonian
Knowling, Builder Polsloe Road, Exeter Medium
Penitentiary, Th Polsloe Road, Exeter Exonian
Poltimore, Lord Poltimore Liverpool
Joyce Poole Medium
St Germans, Ear of Port Elliot Range, Open Fire
St Germans, Earl of Port Elliot Still Room Stove
Leadman T R  Portman Square, London Medium
Bent, Mr Portsea Universal
Burt, Thomas Portsea Universal
Chambers, Esq Portsea Medium
Hudson Henry Portsea Medium
Treadgold & Co Portsea Cottage
Treadgold & Co  Portsea Medium
Treadgold & Co Portsea (2) Cottage 1862
Bloxham Portsmouth Medium
Elliot Esq Portsmouth Medium
Mitchell, William Portsmouth Medium
Lynn Portsmouth (2) Medium
Beaumont, Rev Poughill Universal
Melhuish Rev Poughill Medium
Melhuish T Esq Poughill Universal
Melhuish Poughill Barton Cottage
Devon, Earl of Powderham Castle, Kenton Ordinary Enclosed
Walton Powell House, London (3) Cottage
Westlake Preston St, Exeter Medium
Hurley, Henry Proprietor (?) Cottage
Churchill J Esq Pultney Rd, Bath Universal
Bathe Purton Wiltshire Universal
Yonge, Rev Puslinch House, Yealmpton Exonian
Northcott, Sir Stafford Pynes House (?) Oxford Range
Northcott, Sir Stafford Pynes House (?) Oxford Range
Osmond E Pynes, Brampford Speke (3) Medium
Pidsley, Messrs Queen Street, Exeter Medium
Leigh Mrs Queens Sq ?Mount Radford, Exeter Medium
Buttand Queens Terrace Medium
Serpell Esq Radnor Place, Exeter Medium
Stone Railway Hotel, Dartmouth Exonia
Stone Railway Hotel, Dartmouth Exonia
Furze Railway Hotel, Totnes Exonian
MacDonald Railway Station ? Ordinary Enclosed
Turnpike Trustees Red Cow Cottage
Lee, Edward Regents Park, London Medium
Ware, Gilbert Rewe Medium
Williams, Rev Rewe Cottage
Williams, Rev Rewe Universal
Wills Richmond Grove, ? Cottage
Davidson, Mrs Richmond Lodge, Sidmouth Exonian
Channell Richmond, London Medium
Bussill Rill Cottage, Exmouth Universal
Shilson Rings Ash (Ashreigny) Universal
Gurney, Rev W W Roborough, Torrington Cottage
Bidgood Esq Rockbeare Cottage
Bidgood, Esq Rockbeare Cottage
Edgworth Rockbeare Universal
Munday Rev Rockbeare Universal
Payne E  Rockbeare Cottage
Bidgood Rockbeare Court Exonian
Porter, Thomas Rockbeare House Exonian
Ellicombe, Mrs Rocklands, Chudleigh Rectory
Mayne Rev John Romansleigh Cottage
Davey, Capt Rose Ash Medium
Davey, Captain Rose Ash Cottage
Davy, Capt Rose Ash Medium
Loosemore, Robert Rose Ash, South Molton Medium
Southcombe, Rev Rose Ash, South Molton Universal
Hoare H A Rowdens, Teignmouth Devon Farmhouse
Hoare, H A Esq Rowdons, Teignmouth Exonian
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B,ham (10) Medium 1865 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (11) Medium 1868 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (12) Medium 1866 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (2) Cottage 1870
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (20) Medium 1869 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (21) Medium 1864 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (3) Cottage 1861
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (3) Medium 1870 Export ?
Keep Brothers ` Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (3) Cottage 1866
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (4) Cottage 1868
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (5) Cottage 1862
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (6) Cottage 1864
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (6) Cottage 1869
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (6) Medium 1867 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (8) Medium 1861 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (8) Medium 1862 Export ?
Keep Brothers Russell St, St Marys Sq, B'92ham (9) Medium 1860 Export ?
Cottrell, Mr Russell Street Medium
Brown Saddler? Cottage
Dormen, G Salcombe Cottage
Jarvis, Capt Salcombe Medium
London Snapes ? Salcombe Cottage
Hooper Salem Place, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Lambert, Capt, Retd Salisbury Universal
Powell, Alexander E P (?) Salisbury Exonian
Wilkes, Mr Salisbury Cottage
Wilton & Son Salisbury Cottage
Pollwhite, Rev Saltash Medium
St Germans, Earl of Saltash (Port Elliot?) Cottage
St Germans, Earl of Saltash (Port Elliot?) (3) Cottage 1869
St Germans, Earl of Saltash (Port Elliot?) (4) Cottage 1868
Eales Esqs  Salutary Mount, Heavitree Cottage
Oxley Mrs Salutary Place, Exeter Medium
Thee?d, Rev Sampford Courtenay Universal
Theed, Rev Sampford Courtenay Medium
Anstey J  Sandford Universal
Bragg Wm Sandford Medium
Cornish C Esq Sandford, Crediton London Range
Norrish Sandford, Crediton Medium
Norrish Sandford, Crediton Medium
Kingdon Capt JE Sandy Park, Exeter Universal
Kingdon, Captain J E Sandy Park, Exeter Universal
Price, Miss Saracen House, Bristol Exonian
Ashburton Lady  Seaton Cooking Improved Oxford
Ashburton Lady  Seaton Ordinary Enclosed
Cann W Seaton Cottage
Evans, George Seaton Universal
Head, Rev Seaton Universal
Trevelyan, Sir W B Seaton Exonian
Martell Mrs sent to Mrs Gooding, Hungerford Cottage
Clifford, Hon. Charles Shaldon Exonian
Whiteway Shaldon Medium
Elphingstone Shaw & Sons, Wolverhampton Medium
Cookworthy, Rev Sherbourne Universal
Connop N Esq Sherwood Medium
Spark J Ship Brewery, Heavitree, Exeter Exonia
Spark J Ship Brewery, Heavitree, Exeter Stove
Tucker Ship Inn Cottage
Boucher Shobrooke Medium
Fisher Esq Shobrooke Medium
Hipperley J H Esq Shobrooke Medium
Knose, Rev  Shobrooke Exonian
Clayton Shuttleworth House Medium
Skinner Esq Sid Abbey, Salcombe Exonia
Skinner Esq Sid Abbey, Salcombe Exonia
Comyns, Rev Sidbury Medium
Hunt R C Esq Sidbury Universal
Comyn Rev G T  Sidbury Rectory Cottage
Beavis Sidmouth Medium
Bole Sidmouth Universal
Braham, H Sidmouth Medium
Burgoine Sidmouth Medium
Carslake, Esq Sidmouth Medium
Carslake, J Esq Sidmouth Cottage
Causey Mr Sidmouth Medium
Chick, S Sidmouth Medium
Cornish Sidmouth Medium
Cornish, Mrs Sidmouth Medium
Cornish, Mrs Sidmouth Universal
Denby A T Sidmouth Medium
Emmett C F  Sidmouth Exonian
Farrant Sidmouth Medium
Farrant, Mrs Sidmouth Universal
Godfrey James Sidmouth Medium
Gosling, Builder Sidmouth Exonian
Gosling, Builder Sidmouth Universal
Healy Mrs Sidmouth Exonian
Heinikin Esq Sidmouth Universal
James RH Esq Sidmouth Universal
Johnson W, Esq Sidmouth Exonian
Lousada Esq Sidmouth Exonian
Martin E Esq Sidmouth Universal
Page, Captain Sidmouth Liverpool
Pidsley G Sidmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Prettyjohn Sidmouth Universal
Sampson Sidmouth Medium
Smith Sidmouth Universal
Thornton R N Sidmouth Ordinary Enclosed
Worsley N, Esq Sidmouth Medium
Godfrey, Ironmonger Sidmouth (2) Universal
Prettyjohn W, Ironmonger Sidmouth (3) Medium
Kennaway Rev Sidmouth (for A. Lester) Medium
Cornish Mrs, Sidmouth, Cottage
Knowsley, Draper Sidwell Street, Exeter Medium
Perkins, Esq, Ironmonger?? Sidwell Street, Exeter (10) Medium
Roberts Mrs Silver Place, Exeter? Medium
Kerswell William Silverton Medium
Norris Silverton Medium
Norris Silverton Medium
Tripp, Rev Silverton Cottage
Graverney, Ironmonger Slough Cottage
Summers Smith'92s Arms, Waterbeare St, Exon Ordinary Enclosed
Lindon Snapes, Kingsbridge Medium
Rodd Soiuthernhay, Exeter Medium
Clarke & Son Somerset Medium
Clarke & Son Somerset Medium
Cousins G H Somerton Medium
Walker Esq Sorley, Torquay Universal
Bennett, Thomas South Brent Cottage
Jonas, Henry South Brent Medium
Model Cottages South Kensington, London Cottage
Thompson W? South Lawn ? Exonian
Thompson South Lawn, Exeter Medium
Bailey  South Molton Medium
Cock South Molton Universal
Cock South Molton Universal
Cock, Jnr South Molton Exonian
Cock, Jnr South Molton Medium
Cock, Snr South Molton Medium
Coick J South Molton Cottage
Coleford, Rev South Molton Medium
Commin Jnr South Molton Medium
Commins James South Molton Medium
Griffiths South Molton Exonian
Hitchcock South Molton Exonian
Parnell South Molton Medium
Powell, Mesdames South Molton Medium
Riccard J E Esq South Molton Ordinary Enclosed
Richley, Rev James South Molton Universal
Troake South Molton Rd (Station?) Medium
Brooking South St Medium
Garton & Portbury South Street, Exeter Cottage
Lawless, Spirit Merchant South Street, Exeter Medium
Luttey, J B Esq South Street, Exeter Universal
Marker, Tailor South Street, Exeter Cottage
Marker, Tailor South Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Southard, Edward South Street, Exeter (4) Cottage
Birkett, Rev South Tawton Universal
Hughes Rev South Tawton Medium
Hughes Rev C South Tawton Cottage
Moore South Tawton Cottage
Newton, Rev W South Wales Universal
Newton, Rev W South Wales Universal
King D Southampton Medium
Shaldon Southampton Universal
Stevens J, Builder Southampton Medium
Stevens W Southampton Cottage
Walton Walker & Walton Southampton Medium
Ware Southampton Cottage
Winn & Co Southampton Medium
Stevens Southampton (2) Cottage
Green Southend, Eltham Kent Exonian
Arden Esq Southernhay Universal
Ford Southernhay Cottage
James Esq Southernhay Medium
Mason H Southernhay Universal
Oxenham Mrs Southernhay Exonian
Toll W? Southernhay Exonian
Hill J Southernhay Exeter Medium
Blackhall, Dr Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
Burrington Southernhay, Exeter Medium
Dodd, Mr Southernhay, Exeter Cottage
Dodd, Mrs Southernhay, Exeter Cottage
Eston Southernhay, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Evans Southernhay, Exeter Medium
Evans Southernhay, Exeter Universal
Head Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
James Esq Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
Kempe Southernhay, Exeter Cottage
Mason Mrs Southernhay, Exeter Medium
Moore Southernhay, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Moore Southernhay, Exeter Universal
Morrish Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
Norris Esq, Surgeon Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
Norris Esq, Surgeon Southernhay, Exeter Exonian
Wood, George Southernhay, Exeter Universal
James Southernhay, Exeter (2) Cottage
Kingdon Dr Southernhay, Exeter (2) Medium
Hotham, Lady Jane Southlands Exonian
Sanders Rev Sowton Universal
Norris Spreyton Universal
Norris Spreyton Universal
Kynaston, Rev Spring Grove, Lincolnshire Medium
Band, Mrs Spring Lawn Ordinary Enclosed
Daw, P R M Spurbarne, Exeter Exonian
Guy St Austell Cottage
Lambe Rev G St Austell Exonian
Birt St Columb Medium
Dunston St Columb (See Willyams) Exonian
Rawlings St Davids (for Zeal Monachorum) Universal
Scott W, Builder St Davids Hill Ordinary Enclosed
Chapple E  St Davids, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Cooper G Esq St Davids, Exeter Medium
Dacie Esq St Davids, Exeter Universal
Hall St Davids, Exeter Medium
Hooper, Esq St Davids, Exeter Cottage
Kingdon St Davids, Exeter Medium
Templeton St Davids, Exeter Medium
Webb, Johnson Esq St Davids, Exeter Medium
Bristol & Exeter Railway Co St Davids, Police (?) Cottage
Brinton St Germans Medium
Brinton Mr St Germans Cottage
Cardew St Germans Cottage
Cardew St Germans Medium
Cardew, J St Germans Medium
Geakes St Germans Universal
Geakes ? St Germans Medium
Peters, Mr, Dairyman St Germans Medium
Panter St Germans, Cornwall Medium
Partridge St James Place, Exeter Cottage
Morgan St James'92 Place, Exeter Medium
Bryce J P St Johns Cottage Exonian
Browning, J G Esq St Johns Wood, London Cottage
Crompton Esq St Leonards Villa, Topsham Rd. Exonian
Rowe William St Lukes Rd, Torquay Exonian
Rich Mrs St Marychurch Rd, Torquay Cottage
Taylor H J St Marychurch, Torquay Medium
Taylor, S H St Marychurch, Torquay Medium
Shire, Messrs St Marychurch, Torquay ? Medium
Church Wardens St Petrocks, Exeter Universal
Rowe St Sidwells Ordinary Enclosed
Hitt S Builder St Sidwells (11) Ordinary Enclosed
Grant St Sidwells, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Hitt St Sidwells, Exeter Cottage
Hitt St Sidwells, Exeter Cottage
Hunt, Dr (surgeon) St Sidwells, Exeter Medium
Incledon St Sidwells, Exeter Medium
Passmore St Sidwells, Exeter Cottage
Hitt S, Builder St Sidwells, Exeter (3) Range
Perkins St Sidwells, Exeter (9) Cottage
Bennett N R B St Thomas Medium
Stokes, Cooper St Thomas Ordinary Enclosed
Bidwel St Thomas (Export 20) Cottage
Bidwell St Thomas (Export Australia) (12) Cottage 1858
Bidwell St Thomas (Export Australia) (20) Cottage 1856
Bidwell St Thomas (Export Australia) (20) Cottage 1857
Bidwell Esq St Thomas, Exeter Yorkshire Range
Hawkins St Thomas, Exeter Cottage
Hospital St Thomas, Exeter Cottage
Knight Mr St Thomas, Exeter Cottage
Laskey St Thomas, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Long Mr St Thomas, Exeter Medium
Bidwell St Thomas, for Mrs Annery Universal
Bidwell, J St Thomas. Export to Aus & N.Z. (26) Medium 1858
White St Veep, Lostwithiel Cottage
Bowring J C Stafford Exonian
Crofton, Esq Stafford Terrace Medium
Crofton, Esq Stafford Terrace, Exeter Medium
Forbes J Esq Staffordshire Potteries Cottage
Johnson Staines Medium
Taylor R Stancombe, Totnes Medium
Coopey, George Stapleton, Bristol Medium
Ash H B Starcross Cottage
Ash. Mr Starcross Cottage
Blight, Mr Starcross Universal
Brutton, Charles Starcross Exonian
Peacock Esq Starcross Cottage
Phillott, Rev Staunton on Wye Universal
Giles P B Esq Staunton on Wye, Hereford Universal
Atherley Rev H  Staverton Medium
Rolle, Honourable Mark Staverton Medium
Helmore, Stepcote Hill, Exeter Cottage
Young, James Stepney, London Cottage
Fewings W  Sticklepath Medium
Finch (Foundry) Sticklepath Medium
Finch Junior Sticklepath Medium
Fortescue R H Rev Stockleigh Medium
Knight, Rev Stoke Canon Range
Knight, Rev Stoke Canon Universal
Knight, Rev Stoke Canon Universal
Wakeham J Stoke Gabriel Devon Famhouse
Sanders E A Stoke Hill, Exeter Exonia
Rolla, Captain Stoke Road, Exeter Medium
Gould, Rev Stokeinteignhead Cottage
Lewis, Genl George Stonehouse, Plymouth Exonian
Pomeroy Stonehouse, Plymouth Cottage
Daniel Sir Thomas Stoodleaigh Exonian
Daniel, Sir Thomas Stoodleigh Medium
Daniel, Sir Thomas Stoodleigh Medium
Daniel, Thomas Esq Stoodleigh Universal
Daniels Esq Stoodleigh Hot Plate & Closets
Perry & Co Stratford, Essex Exonian
Perry & Co Stratford, Exmouth Range '96 Unknown
Wickett Stratton (for Export) Universal
King Dr Stratton, Bude Exonian
Box, William Stratton, Cornwall Universal
West, R J  Streatham Hall, Exeter Medium
Chapple J Esq Streatham, Surrey Exonian
Buller Esq Strete Raleigh Medium
Buller W Strete Raleigh Exonian
Gale, George Suffolk Medium
Gall, George Suffolk Cottage
Newby, Thomas Suffolk (2) Medium
Newby, Thomas Suffolk (2) Medium
Tanner, Captain Summerland Place, Exeter Universal
Smith R W Esq Surbiton Hill, Kingston (or vice versa) Medium
Elms, James Surrey Universal
Shewin Surrey Medium
Bathe, Mr Swindon Universal
Breeze Swindon Medium
Goddard Swindon Exonian
Goddard Esq Swindon Cottage
Hall Swindon Cottage
Wheeler C A Swindon Medium
Back Sydenham, Kent Cottage
Crystal Palace Sydenham, London Exonian
Crystal Palace Sydenham, London Medium
Varwell, P, Coal Merchant Sydney Place, Exeter Medium
Mathew J P  Talaton Exonian
Welland, Rev Talaton Cottage
Welland, Rev Talaton Exonian
Welland, Rev Talaton Ordinary Enclosed
Welland, Rev Talaton Universal
Wolland, Rev Talaton Cottage
Abraham Taunton Cottage
Abraham G  Taunton Medium
Abraham G  Taunton Ordinary Enclosed
Abraham. Mr Taunton Universal
Buckland Mr Taunton Cottage
Channon, James Taunton Medium
Hospital Taunton Exonian
Ostrehan Rev Taunton Medium
Ostrehan Rev Taunton Universal
Pearse Taunton Cottage
Reid W Taunton Cottage
Waterman N Taunton Cottage
Eastcott Mr Tavistock Cottage
Burne, Mrs Tedburn St Mary Medium
Burne, Rev Tedburn St Mary Exonian
Burne, Rev C Tedburn St Mary Cottage
Gregory, Rev Tedburn St Mary Universal
Allcard. Esq Hermosa Teignmouth Universal
Bathurst Col Teignmouth Exonian
Beavan J G, Esq Teignmouth Exonian
Brown Teignmouth Cottage
De Veulle Esq Teignmouth Exonian
Franklin Teignmouth Medium
Gilley Mrs Teignmouth Cottage
Oldriene Teignmouth Medium
Richards, Messrs Teignmouth Universal
Swaisland Teignmouth Exonia
Swaisland Teignmouth Exonia
Warren Teignmouth Exonian
Warren Teignmouth Ordinary Enclosed
West, Captain Teignmouth Exonian
Alcard Thomas  Teignmouth (2) Universal
Hennett G Esq Teignmouth (2) Exonian
Rowell & Son Teignmouth (2) Universal
Lowe, Maj Tenbury Exonian
Allis Chemist  Tewksbury Ordinary Enclosed
Finley Mrs The Avenue, Brampford Rectory
Downe, George The Close, Exeter Medium
Barnes W Mrs The Grove Exonian
Barnes, Mrs W The Grove (?) Exonian
Tucker W M D The Lodge, Brixham Medium
Kingdon The Mills, Bampton Medium
Bishop of Exeter The Palace Exonian
Exeter, Bishop of The Palace, Exeter Exonian
Shairp S F Esq, Banker The Rectory, Totnes Exonia
Shairp S F Esq, Banker The Rectory, Totnes Exonia
Hoare H A Esq The Rowdens, Teignmouth Universal
Fisher Esq The Sanctuary ? Universal
Champernown, Rev The Vineyard, Totnes Medium
Champernowne, Rev The Vineyard, Totnes Exonian
Champernowne, Rev The Vineyard, Totnes Exonian
Stone & Co  Thomas St, Bristol Medium
Putley Thompson Bros, Bridgwater Medium
Poole, William Thorverton Universal
Longman thro'92 Higgs & Jones, Wolverhampton Universal
Ingle Rev Throwleigh Medium
Baillie Esq Tiverton Exonian
Baker Tiverton Cottage
Beek Tiverton Cottage
Brewin, Mrs Tiverton Universal
Danvers, Ashley Tiverton Exonian
Easterbrook Tiverton Exonian
Easterbrook Tiverton Medium
Folland Tiverton Medium
Gill Tiverton Exonian
Gill H S  Tiverton Medium
Heathcote Esq Tiverton Medium
Heathcote J, Esq Tiverton Universal
Hodge Tiverton Cottage
Hodge Esq Tiverton Cottage
Paine, William, Wine Merchant Tiverton Medium
Snell Bros Tiverton Cottage
Walrond Mrs Tiverton Exonian
Worth, J F Esq Tiverton Exonian
Dunn, Rev Tiverton (see Easterbrook) Exonian
Godfrey Tiverton Junction Exonian
Marks, Samuel Tiverton Station Medium
Ware & Son  to Barleys ? Exonian
Bristol & Exeter Railway Co to Bristol Cottage
Kenshole to Colyton Universal
Turner, James to Copplestone Station Ordinary Enclosed
Walrond Esq to Cullompton (Bradfield Ho?)` Ordinary Enclosed
Knowling G to house Paris St Cottage
Birmingham to Knight H, London Medium
Sanders & Co to Mrs Pudhams, Dawlish Cottage
Rendle S to Paignton Station Cottage
Bidwell C H Esq to Poltimore Ordinary Enclosed
Gurney, Rev W W  to Portsmouth Arms Station Cottage
Lester A Esq to Rev. Kennaway, Sidmouth Medium
Devon, Earl of to Searle, Alphington & others (5) Cottage
Blackman, G to Ship ‘Devon’ Medium
McDonald & Co to Sydney, Australia, (Export) (6) Open Fire Range 1858
Fortescue, Earl of to Tavistock Cottage
Seccombe, Captain to Thorn, Plymouth Medium
Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Thorverton Medium
Bristol & Exeter Railway Co to Wellington Stn Cottage
Davey, D B Esq Topsham Universal
Davey, Daniel Topsham Cottage
Davy Francis Topsham Medium
Gubb Topsham Cottage
Gubb Topsham Cottage
Hill Mr Topsham Ordinary Enclosed
Holman Topsham Range
Holman, Thomas Topsham Universal
Leakey, Rev Topsham Medium
Mitchell Topsham Exonian
Mitchell Mrs Topsham Exonian
Mitchell, Henry Topsham Universal
Paine, Thomas Topsham Medium
Pearse Topsham Medium
Pollard Topsham Medium
Ross Mrs Topsham Medium
Ross, Francis Topsham Medium
Terrell Esq Topsham Medium
Troake Topsham Medium
Troake Topsham Universal
Penny Topsham (2) Medium
Letchworth Topsham Rd, Exeter Cottage
Tyrrell Esq Topsham Rd, Exeter Cottage
Barracks, The Topsham Road Medium
Edgar Topsham Road Medium
Letchworth Esq Topsham Road London Range
Crowdy, Esq Tornewton House, Denbury Medium
Balsom, Builder Torquay Medium
Dyke R Esq` Torquay Exonian
Dykes, Robert Esq Torquay Cottage
Hambling, Ironmonger Torquay Universal
Harvey Torquay Devonian
Henley R Torquay Medium
Jeffrey E Torquay Medium
Moore, Mason Torquay London Range
Moore, Mason Torquay Universal
Moore, William Torquay Cottage
Moore, William Torquay Cottage
Murray, James Torquay Universal
Oliver & Son Torquay Medium
Rowe, Gardener Torquay Cottage
Taylor S H Torquay Universal
Wrey, Messrs Torquay Cottage
Inch Builder Torquay (2) Medium
Carrie Torre Abbey Torquay Medium
Daniels, Capt Torre, Torquay Exonian
Daniels, Capt Torre, Torquay Medium
Ashplant Torrington Medium
Chapple, George Torrington Cottage
Eastmond Torrington Medium
Eastmond R. Torrington Cottage
Furze, Mr Torrington Medium
Hole Esq Torrington Universal
Mallet H L Esq Torrington Medium
Petherick Torrington Cottage
Willett Esq Torrington Exonian
Eastmond Torrington (3) Cottage
Eastmond Torrington (4) Cottage
Lake George Torrington (5) Medium
Lake, Ironmonger Torrington (6) Cottage
Angel Thomas  Totnes Medium
Angel Thomas  Totnes Universal
Angel. Thomas Totnes Cottage
Angel. Thomas Totnes Cottage
Cary, G Totnes Exonian
Distin, A S Ironmonger Totnes Exonian
Distin, A S Ironmonger Totnes Medium
Distin, A S Ironmonger Totnes Medium
Ferris J Esq Totnes Exonian
Grame, Capt Totnes Cottage
Hamlin, H  Totnes Cottage
Hill Totnes Medium
Hill S Totnes Ordinary Enclosed
Hill, Junior Totnes Cottage
Hill, Samuel Totnes Cottage
Newton J Totnes Medium
Newton J Totnes Medium
Newton Mr J Totnes Ordinary Enclosed
Newton Mr J Totnes Ordinary Enclosed
Niner P Totnes Medium
Niner P Totnes Medium
Oldriene L J Totnes Medium
Presswell G Totnes Medium
Stanger W H & Co Totnes Medium
Totnes Union Totnes Devon Farmhouse Range
Tucker E Totnes Medium
Distin, A S Totnes (3) Cottage
Tossill W Tottenham Medium
Tossill W Tottenham (4) Medium 1869
Lee, James Town? Farm, Ideford Medium
Thompson L? Esq Tregony, Cornwall Exonian
Ley J H  Trehill, Kenn Medium
Ley J H Esq Trehill, Kenn Exonian
Ley, J H  Trehill, Kenn (3) Ordinary Enclosed
Archer. E Esq  Trelaske Corn Exonian
Cater, J R Ironmonger Truro Exonian
Reynolds, Admiral Truro Exonian
Williams R H Esq Truro Cottage
Wright, Rev F Truro Cottage
Truro Work House Truro (after 1900) Exonian
Truro Union Truro (Dec 1902 '96 one of the last) Exonian
Gregory, Rev Trusham Cottage
Hamilton A Trustees, Topsham Exeter Medium
Kibble Esq Tunbridge Cottage
Catt, Mr Tunbridge Wells Medium
Wright, Messrs Tunbridge Wells Medium
Kibble, Thomas E Tunbridge, Kent Exonian
Kellaway Turks Head Exonian
Coombe G Esq Uffculme Exonian
Ensor, Rev Uffculme Exonian
Furze Mr Uffculme Medium
Marker Rev Uffculme Universal
Martin Rev G Uffculme Exonian
Parkhouse, Sir J Uffculme Universal
Widdicombe Ugborough Cottage
Widdicombe Esq Ugborough Medium
Clifford, Lord Ugbrooke, Chudleigh Exonian
Bere Mrs Uploman, Tiverton Open Fire
Peak Esq Upper Norwood, Surrey Medium
Pennell, Dr Venbridge House, Cheriton Bishop Exonian
Knowling, Rev Vicarage, Wellington Medium
Cann, Rev Virginstowe Medium
Studdy Esq Waddeton Court, Nr Brixham Medium
Studdy H Waddeton Court, Nr Brixham Exonia
Studdy H Esq Waddeton Court, Nr Brixham Exonia
Powell & Co Walton, London (3) Cottage
Garrett James Walworth, Surrey Cottage
Trevelyan Wantage, Berk Universal
Pumfrey Wantage, Berks Medium
Trevelyan Wantage, Berks Cottage
Trevelyan Wantage, Berks Medium
Kendall, Rev W Wareham, Dorset Cottage
Mercer R Warrington Cottage
Mercer, R Warrington Medium
Burrington Watchmaker? Cottage
Peek, James Esq Watcombe Cottage
Caralet, Mrs Watcombe, Torquay Medium
Peek, Mrs Watcombe, Torquay Exonian
Peek, Mrs Watcombe, Torquay Exonian
Bassett C W watermouth Castle, Ilfracombe Rectory
Bassett W Watermouth Castle, Ilfracombe Rectory
Rogers & Son Watford, Herts Universal
Sillifant, Rev Weare Giffard Exonia
Cole R C  Weirfield Place Cottage
Hamlyn Well Park, Torquay Cottage
Cordwint, Mr Wellington Exonian
Croote Wellington Cottage
Fry Wellington Medium
Harvey, Rev Alexander Wellington Universal
Lowe, Rev H D Wellington Medium
Moysey Rev Wellington Exonian
Stuart & Co  Wellington, New Zealand (Export) (3) Cottage 1869
Stuart & Co Wellington, New Zealand (Export) (8) Medium 1869
Parnell, Esq Wellington, Som Medium
Fry & Salmon Wells Medium
Simmons, William Wembworthy Cottage
Gould H West Coker, Yeovil Medium
Draining Co West of England & South Wales Cottage
Blackburn Edward Esq West Ogwell House Exonian
Thomas West Street, Exeter Ordinary Enclosed
Stone Westbrook, Crediton Cottage
Gotch W H Westbury Universal
Dowson Westminster, London (2) Cottage
Ma?thai?? Thomas Weston Universal
Phillips C Weston Super Mare Medium
Hamlyn Westwell St, Plymouth Cottage
Stone Westwood, Crediton Cottage
Smith Esq Whimple Exonia
Venn Whimple Medium
Featherstone Rev ? W Whitchurch, Tavistock Exonian
Pasmore Whitcot, North Tawton Medium
Hunt Miss White Hall, Paignton Medium
Gray James White Horse, Moretonhampstead Medium
Hunt Whitehill, Paignton Cottage
Pearson, Dr Whitstone Rectory
Smardon Widdecombe Cottage
Tucker, Rev Widworthy Exonian
Blewitt Wiltshire Cottage
Featherstone Esq Wiltshire Exonian
Simpson H Wiltshire Cottage
Hole, J B Esq Wimbledon, London Universal
Gray Rev Winchester Medium
Nash Wingham, Kent Cottage
Nash Wingham, Kent Cottage
Davey, A Winkleigh Cottage
Davey, A Winkleigh Medium
Snell Winkleigh Medium
West Winkleigh Medium
Stevens J C Winscott, Peters Marland Medium
Stevens J C M Winscott, Peters Marland Exonia
Stevens J C M Winscott, Peters Marland Exonia
Stevens J C M Winscott, Peters Marland Universal
Elms Mr Winslade (for Garden Square) Cottage
Porter, Henry Winslade, Exeter Exonian
Adams Witheridge Cottage
Adams Witheridge Medium
Benison Witheridge Medium
Buller, R Witheridge Medium
Comins Witheridge Medium
Elworthy Witheridge Liverpool Range
Lake Witheridge Medium
Partridge, Mrs Witheridge Medium
Pullen Witheridge Medium
Troake Witheridge Cottage
Troake Witheridge Medium
Wreford, Thomas Witheridge Medium
Selley Witheridge (2) Medium
Selly Witheridge (2) Medium
Barlow J C Esq Withycombe Medium
Tapper Withycombe Medium
Porter, Henry Esq Withycombe Rectory, Exmouth Exonian
Hull, Capt Withycombe, Exmouth Exonian
Wood Esq Withycombe, Exmouth Exonian
Elwell & Son Wolverhampton Medium
Elwell & Son Wolverhampton Medium
Elwell & Son  Wolverhampton Medium
Farewell Esq Wolverhampton Exonian
Rogers & Co Wolverhampton Universal
Shaw & Sons Wolverhampton Cottage
Rogers Son & Co Wolverhampton (16) Medium 1859
Elwell & Sons Wolverhampton (18) Cottage
Shaw & Sons Wolverhampton (2) Universal
Elwell & Sons Wolverhampton (Export?) (12) Cottage 1858
Elwell & Sons Wolverhampton (Export?) (18) Cottage 1857
Elwell & Son Wolverhampton (Export?) (3) Cottage 1856
Elwell & Sons Wolverhampton (Export?) (3) Cottage 1859
Shaw & Sons Wolverrhampton (2) Medium
Aplin Esq  Wonford Medium
Perriam Wonford Cottage
Northcote, Sir Stafford Wood Row Farm Universal
Northcote, Sir Stafford Wood Row Farm Universal
Issett Woodbridge, Suffolk (3) Medium
Ashford W  Woodbury Medium
Brent Woodbury Exonian
Bullers Woodbury Ordinary Enclosed
Butters Woodbury Medium
Butters Mr Woodbury Cooking Range
Chapple Woodbury Cottage
Drayton, Mrs Woodbury Medium
Foster, Mrs Woodbury Medium
Phillips Woodbury Medium
Phillips R Woodbury Cottage
Phillips R Woodbury Ordinary Enclosed
Phillips, Mason Woodbury (3) Cottage
Hughes Miss Woodhayes, Whimple Exonian
Ley William Woodlands Medium
Jolliffe Woodlands, ? Cottage
Ley Esq Woodlands, ? Universal
Benn, Rev Woolfardisworthy Universal
Dent, William Woolwich Cottage
Graham G H  Woolwich, London Cottage
Goodwin Esq Worcester Medium
Langdon Worcester Cottage
Marris, Ironmongers Worksop (2) Universal
Blaker, F Worthing Cottage
Egremont, Jane, Countess of Wyndham Oxford Range + Steam Boiler
Love Wynhall, Cornwall Cottage
Morgan JC Yates, Haywood Ho., York Medium
Norman Mrs Yatton, Bristol Exonian
Norman Mrs Yatton, Bristol Exonian
Corfield, James Yeovil Medium
Sercombe Yeovil Cottage
Curson K J Zeal Medium
Curson K J  Zeal (South ?) Medium
Baker Zeal Monachorum Cottage
Bibbings Zeal Monachorum Cottage
Clatworthy Zeal Monachorum Medium
Castle, E Zeal Monochorum Cottage
Adams J Esq    Medium
Aggasiz Lieut. ?   Exonian
Arundell Rev H ?    Exonian
Atherley Rev ?   Exonian

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