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Cast Iron Channels

Channel - cast ironGR1 In the Pavement near Exeter Prison, typical open pavement channel with raised lettering on both sides Raised Diamonds.

Channel - cast ironGR2 St Thomas, area, Exeter , similar to GR1 but with raised wording on one side only. Raised Diamonds.

Channel - cast ironGR3  St Thomas, Exeter.  Pre 1924 as no “Limited” in the name.  More dated style of raised , and well worn, lettering.

Channel - cast ironGR4 St Thomas, Exeter. Variation on a theme.  All lettering on lower edge. Different style of Diamond pattern..

Channel - cast ironGR5 

Channel - cast ironGR6  Covered In Pavement Channel “Somewhere in Exeter”.

Channel - cast ironGR7  Very similar to GR 4 but lettering on top edge. (Exeter)

Channel - cast ironGR8  Same style as GR 1 but broader lettering (Exeter).

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